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Davnik Distributors
Davnik Distributors En gros/au détail
Davnik is specialized in the wholesale distribution business in Sri Lanka, specifically for JAT Holdings and PD lite. They collaborated with Centrics to streamline their inventory management system and advance their financial and accounting management with the implementation and adoption of Odoo ERP.
Priyantha Enterprise
Priyantha Enterprise En gros/au détail
Priyantha Enterprises is a leading company in the garment machinery sales and renting business. The company supplies equipment and machines for large-scale apparel companies in Sri Lanka.
Priyantha Enterprises collaborated with Centics to implement Odoo ERP to support the adoption of best practices in accounting and inventory management while automating processes with applications: Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and Rental apps, helping the company streamline their rental business processes and spare parts management.
Uni Gro
Uni Gro En gros/au détail
UniGro is a Whole Sale Business Establishment based in heart of Colombo, they bring the highest quality Mannequins & Garment Display Accessories to the market at affordable prices.
UniGro co-operated with Centrics to deploy Odoo ERP comprising of apps such as Purchase, Inventory, Sales, and Accounting with the aim of streamlining its operations through the integration and automation of its inventory management system, accounting, sales, and purchasing processes.