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Al Asfour Group
Al Asfour Group Grosir/Eceran
Al Asfour Group- Al-Futooh International Group has uniquely positioned itself in the heart of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbons provinces as a young and growing licensed distributor for Castrol products in Kuwait.

The Group has enjoyed fluid growth, smooth success, accelerated progress and top notch performance in a market that has responded positively to its products & services.

The foundation of Al-Futooh International Group was laid when it started operation as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait. Established in 2001, Al Futooh International Group is also diversified into Health Quest, the food station for healthy diest food and Auto Quest, the one stop shop for car care.

Asateer Cosmetic & Perfumes Company
Asateer Cosmetic & Perfumes Company Grosir/Eceran
Asateer Cosmetic & Perfumes Company is Kuwait company consider as the largest online store specialized in perfume (Accessories, Perfumes, Oil, Personal Care, Gifts) , .
We are implementing Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Inventory & Purchase & Sales & Accounting & Manufacture & POS.
Bimad Group
Bimad Group Grosir/Eceran
Bimad Group is dedicated to producing and trading the highest quality lumber and steel products among other buidling materials as well as electrical, security and contracting solutions. With our exclusive distribution arrangements, as well as our local processing facilities and large stocking abilities, we remain able to source and supply all the required volumes, ranges, and specifications of products customized to suit the requirements of your next project or development
Gissah Co.
Gissah Co. Grosir/Eceran
Gissah A Kuwaiti company specialized in the retail business of perfumes and beauty with over than 2 branches all over Kuwait.

We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Point of sale & Inventory & Purchases & Delivery Management & Accounting.
JAWI International Co
JAWI International Co Grosir/Eceran
Jawi is one of the largest online e-Cigarettes retailers in Kuwait and the Middle East offering a huge variety of e-cigarette, Flavors, accessories and more. We at Jawi want you to find an enjoyable, quality, and reliable e-cigarette so you aren’t discouraged or turned off right away due to an inferior product. Using e-cigarettes is very rewarding and also keeps you away from smoke, carbon monoxide and ash, making the whole experience much more comfortable, it looks and feels similar to a typical cigarette, but runs on a rechargeable battery and a pre-filled, replaceable cartridge which is available in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, with no need to light up. E-cigarette users inhale nicotine/ non-nicotine and full bodied flavoring through a vapor that is similar to smoke but leaves no ash.
Mitra Couture Co.
Mitra Couture Co. Grosir/Eceran
Mitra Couture Co. began the journey into bridal wear in 2012, with the dream of creating a concept boutique that gave brides an experience that is as unique as it is beautiful. From the moment a bride enters Mitra Couture to the moment she walks into her wedding, every detail is taken into consideration to ensure the bride a once in a lifetime event. Mitra made her bridal wear debut in October 2013, with her first collection ensured the highest quality materials and techniques were being used.
We are implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; CRM & Inventory & Purchases & Manufacture & sales & Attendance & Time Off and Accounting .
New Market Company
New Market Company Grosir/Eceran
New Market Company is the one of the most important dealers in the Middle East and North Africa.
Saray Perfumes
Saray Perfumes Grosir/Eceran
From the fragrance of unique authentic Arab scents, from perfumes and aromatic oils to incense and sprays, inspired by the finest natural sources of production in the most prestigious relevant global markets, and selected with a great care by a specialized team having adequate experience, this unique combination has been produced among key components of various products of perfumes, essential oils, incense and sprays, which carried its fragrance to the various segments of society. This leads saray perfume company to be among the fastest growing companies in this sector after having the absolute confidence of its clients.
Skills United Company For General Trading
Skills United Company For General Trading Grosir/Eceran
Skills United is Kuwaiti company specialized established on 2010 out of a passion for offering the best beauty services. through more than six beauty salons (Nail Station) created to be sophisticated and super comfortable, inviting clients to relax, knowing that they are in the professional hands of specialized employees & also Company logo is attached

We are implementing Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Appointment Management & Purchase & Sales Accounting & Inventory &HR & VOIP & Website & Ecommerce.
Tataayeb General Trading
Tataayeb General Trading Grosir/Eceran
Tatayab is a Kuwait company consider as the largest online store specialized in perfume ( Accessories, Perfumes, Oil, Personal Care, Gifts)
We are implementing Odoo to handle all operation cycle; sale & Purchases & Inventory & Delivery Management & Online order fulfillment process & DHL & Aramex & UPS .