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DILATENI Consulting a.s.
DILATENI Consulting a.s.
DILATENI Consulting è nata nel 2015, siamo un team di professionisti il cui obiettivo è contribuire ad accelerare e consolidare la crescita globale dei nostri clienti e la penetrazione del mercato attraverso soluzioni strategiche e innovative.

I servizi sono progettati per le piccole e grandi aziende che cercano di raggiungere il loro pubblico globale in modo più efficiente.
KMV BEV CZ s.r.o
KMV BEV CZ s.r.o
The Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s. company is the largest producer of mineral and spring water in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1873 by Karlovy Vary’s native Heinrich Mattoni. Its present form comes from the 1990’s due to significant investments of its new owners (see more in the “History of the Company” section).
The Karlovarské minerální vody company currently bottles mineral and spring water of the brands Mattoni, Magnesia and Aquila, and exports them to 20 countries worldwide. The company has contributed significantly to the cultural, sports, and also social life in the Czech Republic. It also supports projects related to nature conservation and environmental issues.
The Karlovarské minerální vody company expands a lot of effort to build world-known brands with a prominent image which will contribute to improving the quality and culture of drinking not only in the Czech Republic. The professional approach of the company and its employees to the question of the products quality has been repeatedly recognized by many awards and also by the fact that Mattoni has become the official water of the Czech EU Presidency.
The Karlovarské minerální vody company employs 400 people. A team of top-quality staff along with a clear vision contribute to the success of the company in a very significant way
Nakukop LTD
Nakukop LTD
NAKUKOP offers a wide range of immersive software solutions - from platforms to web applications

It produces SW for gaming machines. Plans to dramatically grow and is starting a new office in Prague.

Our services: On premise installation, configuration, data migration, customization, training

Odoo 13 modules: Website, Events, Email marketing, Sales, Invoicing
SwissCEE Agency s.r.o.
SwissCEE Agency s.r.o. En gros/au détail
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