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ATPCO is a quality general contracting company founded in 2011 by a strategic decision of Alsalimi company’s high management, to serve and build the group own projects
 Innovate investment Real Estate Company
Innovate investment Real Estate Company Immobilier
Innovest Properties Company, specialized and focused on properties development sector. Adopt innovative ways of building energy-saving and raising standards of quality of life. The company is committed to developing a fully-fledged residential project. Innovest has teamed up with leading local companies and pioneered the use of smart building technology, rapid construction of homes and giant international companies in implementing residential units in record time.
 Luxury Goods Trading Co.
Luxury Goods Trading Co. En gros/au détail
Luxury Goods Trading Co, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is founded by Dr. Mohammed Fitaihi in 2004. The company operates two fine jewelry brands called Baby Fitaihi, M. Fitaihi, and Mamluki.

Baby Fitaihi was found in 2005 and became the leading and first jewelry brand targeting newborns & children, with capturing a large market share. The brand has around 20 showrooms in major cities in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In addition to its physical stores, Baby Fitaihi sells through its’ online store “ and other Omni channels such as in UAE and in Kuwait.

Baby Fitaihi offers high quality, unique and luxurious designs from a wide range of collections, along with providing wonderful shopping experience through their showroom’s interior designs. All Jewelry items are made of 18K gold with diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones.

M. Fitaihi is a house of international jewelry designer brands for modern women. The brand is founded in March 2015 as a jewelry boutique in Ana Ghair Mall, Jeddah by re-branding the old brand "Fitaihi Junior". Fitaihi Junior was started in 1997 and operated until the opening of M. Fitaihi. M. Fitaihi showcases jewelry designs of its own collections and hosts most renowned upcoming jewelry designers in the world with their brands such as Suzanne Kalan, Anita Ko, Jacqui Aiche, Alessa, Sara Weinstock, Yeprem, Sevan Bicackci, among others. In addition to the store, M. Fitaihi also sells through its’ online store called
A. S. Al JARED TRADING CO. LTD Fabrication
Working in the field of water pumps for 25 years, gained trust of many international companies and therefore presents them as an agent in Saudi Market.
ABR Contracting
ABR Contracting Construction
ABR Is a national Engineering & Construction company that plays an effective role in the
Reconstruction and Development fields in Saudi Arabia. ABR Contracting is highly proud of its
contribution to the Development and National Economy. In 1990, ABR Contracting started its journey
where it had executed many projects that keep pace with the ongoing rapid development for the
Kingdom’s growth in Reconstruction and Development fields. This is for governmental sectors, private
sectors and individuals as well. ABR Contracting executes its projects by using the newest technical
methods and techniques. It also uses the latest advanced Engineering computer programs and follows
the latest quality control regulations. That is what makes ABR Contracting able to provide the best
technical features for its projects. ABR contracting company has served the Development and National
Economy for almost 29 years and it is distinguished for providing various services for different sectors in
the country. The company is managed by an executive board that includes the elite specialists,
consultants and professionals in the Construction business. They work hand in hand and that is what
helped ABR Contracting to become successful in providing top of the line engineering and construction
services. ABR Contracting always follows the newest managerial policies and control systems to
manage its projects and look after the plans, programs, and timelines. ABR Contracting always
guarantees to maintain the adequate resources at the right time, place and qualifications to perform the
projects on time and according to budget.
ADGI Solitons
ADGI Solitons Scientifique
Adgi Reference Client
Specializing in system Consultation, Design, Development, and Hardware Supplies in Saudi Arabia; Adgi Solutions offers its clients complete solutions for both software and hardware supplies.
Their Challenge: managing their sales transactions and processes within different departments they needed a system that can manage all processes under one integrated system that enables reporting per department.
Azkatech implemented the Sales, purchase, accounting, invoicing, project, studio, and approvals module through the Odoo ERP system. A system that allows Adgi to manage all its operations from a single place with complete reporting.
الخبير المالية” هي شركة إدارة الأصول المتخصصة في الاستثمارات والخدمات المالية، تقدم منتجات وحلول استثمارية عالمية مبتكرة للمؤسسات والشركات العائلية والمستثمرين الأفراد المؤهلين من أصحاب الملاءة المالية العالية. وهي شركة مرخصة من قبل هيئة السوق المالية للأنشطة الآتية: التعامل، وإدارة الاستثمارات وتشغيل الصناديق، والترتيب، وتقديم المشورة، والحفظ في أعمال الأوراق المالية، بترخيص رقم 37-07074 وسجل تجاري 4030177445.

The Financial Expert seeks to be the company of choice to provide investment products and solutions that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and its principles, through a holistic approach that aims to create partnerships with clients, to provide investment opportunities in the local, regional and international financial markets and invest in them. Alkhabeer Finance has succeeded in strengthening these partnerships and seeks to invest their capital in a way that ensures the achievement of maximum added value for the company’s shareholders and customers, based on a deep understanding of their needs and a comprehensive awareness of risk factors, with the support of a highly qualified expert team with extensive and diverse experiences.
Al Namlah & Co. for Trading and Services Ltd. (NTSCO) established in 1988. The company is one of the leading traders in the import & wholesale of food commodities. The company owns a well-known brand under the name of (Abu Saif) that distributed through different wholesalers and semi wholesalers across the Kingdom.
NTSCO has Two warehouses, including Three cold walk-in storge facilities in Jeddah and owned Ten warehouses and Four walk-in freezers/cold storge facilities in Riyadh. In addition, NTSCO owns and operates 3 barley stations located in Jeddah, Al Jamoom and Yanbu.
The business activities of the company can be summarized into the following two segments:

Food division:
This Division is engaged in the import and wholesale of various types of essential food commodities, such as corn, rice, sugar, cooking oil, beans, coffee, spices, nuts, and tomato paste.
It is to be noted that in this division the company initiates an annual evaluation of the sales generated by each product type food commodity to determine the most profitable product. After they have conducted their evaluation, they choose the three least profitable products and replace them with three new products that they have not introduced before.
Barley Division:
Since 1999, the company is considered a pioneer in bulk barley trade. The trade constituted of bulk barley import in bulk vessels, bagging, and selling to local animal breeders for feed.
ARQAN Construction
Arkan Al-Istisab Group for Contracting specializes in the field of contracting, restoration, finishing works, smart home systems and security systems.

We provide customers with all their services and meet their requirements.

We also have a staff of workers specialized in this field, such as civil engineers, management engineers, maintenance workers and trained manpower.

We work on implementing projects with advanced and different technologies to carry out their work professionally. Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism at work

The vision of the Arkan Acquisition Group is to maintain its growth as one of the Saudi groups that works to facilitate services for the customer and provide his needs.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism in our work.

مجموعة أركان الاكتساب لمقاولات متخصصة في مجال المقاولات والترميم وأعمال التشطيب وانظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية ، كما نوفر لك أعمال التصميم المعماري والتصميم الإنشائي والتصميم الداخلي وأعمال الديكورات وكمان ستجد لدينا قسم التسويق العقاري والتطوير العقاري وأنظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية.

نوفر للعملاء جميع خدماتهم وتلبي متطلباتهم .

كما لدينا طاقم عمال متخصصين في هذا المجال مثل المهندسين المدنيين ومهندسي الإدارة و عمال الصيانة والأيدي العاملة المدربة .

نعمل على تنفيذ المشاريع بتقنيات متطورة ومختلفة لتنفيذ أعمالها باحترافية. منذ تأسيسها عام 2013م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل

وتتمثل رؤية مجموعة أركان الاكتساب في الحفاظ على نموها كواحدة من المجموعات السعودية والتي تعمل على تسهيل الخدمات للعميل وتوفير احتياجاته .

منذ تأسيسها عام ٢٠١٣م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل.

نسعى دوما على تقديم الأفضل “يمكننا وأكثر“
ASNA Company for Advanced Technologies Ltd
ASNA Company for Advanced Technologies Ltd En gros/au détail

ASNA Company for Advanced Technologies Ltd, a Saudi company, is a renowned reseller agent and distributor in the field of chemical reactors, laboratory and industrial chemicals, scientific equipment, and laboratory furnishings. In a span of over a few years the company has reached heights in the field by providing products of specialized international companies. It has bagged the coveted status of being an authorized agent of renowned international companies. Despite facing stiff competition in the market, ASNA has maintained its strong position and continued to surge ahead of rival companies.
AVON Beauty Arabia LLC
AVON Beauty Arabia LLC En gros/au détail
The roots of Avon can be traced back to 1886, when struggling door-to-door salesman David McConnell made the decision to sell perfumes, rather than books to New York homes. David McConnell was inspired, and in 1939 he chose the name 'Avon' for his growing international company.
Abalkhail Group
Abalkhail Group Construction
Abalkhail Consulting Engineers (AAA) is a Saudi Arabian multi-discipline engineering consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of services from pre-design studies, through detail design and construction, management, supervision, to commissioning and hand over for its Clients. AAA has successfully served clients in many engineering disciplines and completed large & complex assignments.
Abazeer Trading Company
Abazeer Trading Company Alimentation
We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems. Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.