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Arplama Fabrication
Arplama is specialized in the development and production of lightweight products with high mechanical properties, by using composite materials. The company has been in operation for more than 35 years doing quality products and being an one stop shopping for its clients starting from engineering up to the finished product. cover the entire spectrum of plastics components.
B Art Restaurante srl
B Art Restaurante srl
B Art Restaurant is a company that operates a network of traditional restaurants and stores through which they provide traditional Romanian food. The restaurants are serving mainly soups and stews, cooked fresh every day with local ingredients.
Eco Fire Sistems
Eco Fire Sistems
ECO FIRE SISTEMS is a private equity company operating in the field of collecting, transporting and neutralizing by incinerating of hazardous and non-hazardous waste resulting from industrial, commercial, medical diagnosis and treatment activities.
Metro Systems Romania
Metro Systems Romania IT/Communication
Innovation, performance and complete information technology (IT) services in international retail trade - all offered by METRO SYSTEMS Romania, both globally and tailored to the individual local needs of all METRO Cash & Carry sales lines in 26 countries in Europe and Asia.
METRO SYSTEMS Romania develops specific solutions and products along the full value chain and provides a powerful IT infrastructure with a team of over 900 professionals in the country. Together with METRONOM (Germany), the company represents the tech division of METRO Group.
PGL Esports Srl is one of the largest esports tournament operator in the world.
PYROSTOP TOTAL SECURITY GROUP is the result of the merger of three brands with a tradition
of over 20 years in security services in Cluj Napoca, Total Security, Pinda and Pyrostop, under the slogan "Big eyes on the wall".
Home and apartment owners as well as business owners choose our security solutions because:
PYROSTOP TOTAL SECURITY GROUP use innovative technologies, provide the fastest response and
have the best people.
Frizon Group is a leading company in the precision agriculture field. Bringing together a dynamic and motivated team and a unique synergy of innovation, equipment and know-how, the company is setting new standards for producers and investors.
Sampa Mind Com SRL
Sampa Mind Com SRL
Odoo / SAP integrator. Software house.
Our company is an experienced business solutions provider having in depth knowledge of customer processes and business best practices.
Our consultants led, for a decade, the #1 SAP partner in Romania, having been through more than 100 implementation projects.
Sampa Mind portfolio includes:
- Odoo consulting, integration, implementation services for SME's
- SAP consulting, integration, implementation services for large companies
- Own software solutions for medium-large companies
Spearhead Systems
Spearhead Systems
Spearhead Systems is at the forefront of consulting, technology services and digital transformation with a focus on high performance. Highly specialized in the delivery of IT infrastructure & application monitoring as well as cloud computing services to customers all over the globe, Spearhead Systems is a trusted technology partner in the ever evolving world of cloud and digital platforms.
In 2017 Spearhead Systems added to the portfolio of services and the provision of a Romanian public cloud service, in order to respond to the market trends that are heading towards a direction of digitization and complete outsourcing of the IT needs of the companies. The cloud service implemented by Spearhead Systems aims to provide hosting services for the virtual IT infrastructure, using innovative technologies, which allow to achieve a higher performance with less resources.
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Sveltedca Partners SRL
Sveltedca Partners SRL
Efficient Manufacturing for Freeform Architecture. Svelte creates a close touch with customers to satisfy particular needs for individual projects. The company uses a proprietary, unique, innovative machine system to generate all types of curved surfaces on an industrial scale, in one straightforward operation, at a fraction of the cost and time of current methods.
YUME Coffee Roasters
YUME Coffee Roasters IT/Communication
At YUME Coffee Roasters, we dedicate our specialty coffees to the highest quality roasting standards. Technical, rigorous and passionate.