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 Innovate investment Real Estate Company
Innovate investment Real Estate Company Immobilier
Innovest Properties Company, specialized and focused on properties development sector. Adopt innovative ways of building energy-saving and raising standards of quality of life. The company is committed to developing a fully-fledged residential project. Innovest has teamed up with leading local companies and pioneered the use of smart building technology, rapid construction of homes and giant international companies in implementing residential units in record time.
District Compound
District Compound Immobilier
شركة سعودية متخصصة في الايجارات و الصيانة
Esnad Al-Tanmya
Esnad Al-Tanmya Immobilier
هي شركة سعودية تأسست عام 1434 ه ، وهي شركة مقاولات متخصصة في إنشاءات الطرق وتنفيذها بجودة عالية
First Location
First Location Immobilier
شركة الموقع الأول للتسويق العقاري متخصصون بتسويق المشاريع السكنية والعقارية ومشاريع البيع على الخارطة وإدارة وتنمية الأملاك
Nojoom Alsalam Holding CO
Nojoom Alsalam Holding CO Immobilier
The company was founded in 1413 Hut and thanks to God and the good reputation that made sure the company's management, represented by its CEO Dr. / jarallah Abdullah Alodeib and which has given the principle of honesty in all dealings priority does not compromise on them, the company has contributed to the real estate development in the establishment of residential structures, commercial of villas and galleries commercial and warehouse complexes and gas stations all categories and the creation of housing complexes and sell cash or in installments, and reconstruction projects that have proven economic viability administration, as well as the development of raw land, and for this the company translated these goals with the slogan: together to build a country
SMB Real Estate
SMB Real Estate Immobilier
SMB Real Estate is a family owned real estate office to manage all family properties from centralized office in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managed by local expert team. Al Bassami has many classes of properties under it portfolio from commercial, residential and Hospitality projects, in Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, and United Kingdom.
Shada Homes
Shada Homes Immobilier
Shada Homes is a deep-rooted Engineering Company. Established more than two decades ago located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Specialized in strategic real estate development projects for short and long-term investments in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.
مؤسسة ضيف الله العتيبي للمقاولات Deef Aloutayby for Contracting
مؤسسة ضيف الله العتيبي للمقاولات Deef Aloutayby for Contracting Immobilier
هي شركة سعودية متخصصة في قطاع المقاولات لديها خبرة اكثر من ٢٠ عاما في مجال المقاولات ، تعمل مع القطاع الحكومي والقطاع الخاص لديها فريق ممتاز من المهندسين والفنيين لتنفيذ كل المشاريع