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AbdulAziz Almodhy Law Firm
AbdulAziz Almodhy Law Firm Autres services
Abdul Aziz Al Mudhahi Law Firm and Legal Consultations is a local Saudi office that is focused on the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, moving towards globalization in order to serve the economic, commercial and civil base.

We integrate the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the approach of modern international legal practices, and keep pace with distinguished and innovative legal services and solutions with high professionalism, provided by Abdulaziz's office Al Mudhahi Advocates and Legal Consultants through the main office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our many allies in the Middle East, the European Union and the United States of America.

We offer an integrated set of professional legal services in accordance with the principle of transparency, sustainability and distinguished expertise of lawyers and legal experts.
Acceleration Co Ltd
Acceleration Co Ltd Autres services
We are domain experts who are focused on delivering professional operational and advisory services for the energy market in Saudi Arabia.With more than 50 years of combined personnel experience in the local and international energy market, we specialize in positioning, promotion,sales, and deployment of various technologies in the Saudi Arabian Energy market.
Al Rajhi Co. for Trading & Industry
Al Rajhi Co. for Trading & Industry Autres services

One of the first leading manufacturers and marketing of building materials in Saudi Arabia. Since its founding more than sixty years ago established more than seventy branches throughout the Kingdom, employing more than 1000 employees
AlJawad AlMota'alaq Private Security
AlJawad AlMota'alaq Private Security Autres services
تقوم شركة الجواد المتألق للحراسات الأمنية بتوفير أفضل الكوادر من افراد الامن والمشرفين المدربين جيدا لتزويد عملائنا بالخدمات
الأمنية في المراكز التجارية والمصانع والمحلات التجارية والمستودعات والبنوك والمستشفيات والمشروعات تحت الانشاء والمدارس
والجامعات والمؤسسات التعليمية.
الالتزام هو جوهر عملنا، وحرصــا منــا علــى التميــز و الانفراد فــي جــودة الخدمــات التــي نقدمهــا لعملائنــا حيث ان نشاط
الحراسات الأمنية من الأنشطة التي تسبب هاجسـا لأغلـب عمـلاء هـذه الخدمـات ولتحقيـق الأهـداف الإسـتراتيجية لـكل خدمـة انتهجـت
شـركتنا سياسـات ومفاهيـم إداريــة وتشــغيلية أكثــر مرونــة واعتنــت بتشــغيل افضل الشــباب الســعودي المؤهليــن وتــم اختيارهــم
علــى أسس علمية مثل (الــوازع الدينــي – الســيرة الحســنه- الخبــرة السابقة – اللياقـة البدنيـة - المظهـر اللائق) وقد تـم تدريبهـم علـى
أعلــى المســتويات بأشراف افضل الخبرات الأمنية.
Alasilacx Autres services
Customer Experience (CX) has never been so important

At AlasilaCX, we provide the perspectives, guidance, and tools you need to create a next-generation, personalized customer experience and deliver at scale.

As early leaders in the field of customer experience management in the Saudi market, we drive the planning, design, and delivery of innovative, differentiated customer experiences. At AlasilaCX, our teams provide leading customer experience solutions that build on deep knowledge and advanced technologies.

In the years to come, we will continue to expand our industry thought leadership, while leveraging strategy, creativity, and technology to create experiences that customers love. We will, therefore, continue to be a leading global customer experience improvement company that delivers significant and measurable business results for the companies we serve.
Alesnad Specialized Limited Co.
Alesnad Specialized Limited Co. Autres services
Alesnad Specialized Limited Co. (Pro FM) aims to meet the administrative and operational needs of the public and private
sectors in Saudi Arabia. And keeps up with the evolution and excellence in Customers'
providing services, continued logistics development, and concerns for its human
Proceeding from our national roles, and to strengthen our groundbreaking positions in
the logistics sector, we keep up the development steps in National Transformation
Program 2020, we have created the internal program in the comprehensive update and
strategic expansion, then we set the future goals to achieve all aspirations at all levels and
keep up Saudi Arabia vision 2030.
We are proud of our national cadres with high competence of knowledge, management
and consultative that advance the task of strategic transformation, and implement its
goals of expansion and evolution through the administrative structure development, and
modernize the infrastructure.
American International School of Jeddah
American International School of Jeddah Autres services
The American International School of Jeddah is a non-profit school that offers an authentic American education, designed to nurture students' passion for knowledge.
Amnco Autres services
AMNCO provides comprehensive civil security services for both government and private entities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AMNCO has achieved Consecutive successes and gained good reputation in the Gulf Region because of its acquisition of the security sector and the transfer of funds through its leading services over 34 years.
AMNCO provides security consulting, risk assessment and security solutions for private companies as well as civilians who wish to secure their facilities and employees and clients to enjoy the highest levels of security within Saudi Arabia. AMNCO was established in 1405H (1984), as the first Saudi company licensed to work in the field of security. Batik Investment and Logistics took ownership of the company, the number of AMNCO employees has reached more than five thousand and five hundred employees. And the number of branches in the Kingdom has reached 19 branches.
Asas Services
Asas Services Autres services
We provide high performing workforce for operation and maintenance services that can be completely trusted and will provide a wide range of services to clients from the government and private sectors.
World Market Leader in Explosion Protection. BARTEC products and solutions prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur and keep humans safe and protect the environment. Customers primarily include companies from the oil and gas industries as well as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies from around the world.
Bosala Al-Bonian
Bosala Al-Bonian Autres services
شركة خدمات بيئية
Elegant Services KSA
Elegant Services KSA Autres services


To provide our clients a well-trained team of security personnel and surveillance products that
will relieve them from all unwanted botherations and vexations from threats and bad
elements pertaining to their safety, security and protection of their assets and properties
within their premises
GTC Consulting Engineering
GTC Consulting Engineering Autres services
A subsidiary of Aljoaib Holdings, GTC has a 24-year history of providing geotechnical engineering services to the Arabian Gulf. Our team is comprised of experts from around the world that strive to meet all client needs and maintain the highest quality and standards for every project.
Proven Methods with a Focus on Clients
Established as a family business in 1994, GTC has grown to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading engineering firms in geotechnical services, non-destructive testing, quality control, and assets evaluation. We place a strong value on client relationships, with a goal of providing dependable, professional services through one-on-one, personal attention. GTC partners with major government and commercial businesses throughout KSA, and has served as an approved contractor and service provider to Saudi Aramco for more than 20 years.
Global Source Trading Company
Global Source Trading Company Autres services
An establishment aimed at eliminating procurement problems of its prospective clients. With a International Supplier Base of the best in their respective fields, a Qualified Professional Management, an average Industry Experience of more than 30 years in the Top Management

Vertical : Facility Management.