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Albagame Mayorista / Minorista
A unique combination of two names, “Albania plus Game” brought to life one of the most unique brands in our country. AlbaGame started as a very small business with just one shop during those times when we should go to a store to rent a movie or buy videogames. Now they have become the leading and the biggest company in Albania that distribute physical and digital games. They have grown their company in four locations with a huge warehouse that supports their operations. Need to be said that their Co-founder, now the Ceo of the company has had always a passion for music, movies and games. Since in his beginnings he wanted to create something that will bring people the best part of the day. He is a true Leader and has created a unique, highly motivated group of staff that are moving the company forward.

As the company was moving to the age of digitalization was clear that the local accounting software that they were using was not able to fulfil all their needs. They were ready to advance and create a very organized workflow, but the software was not supporting their cause. When we first meet them, we were very welcomed by their Ceo and Cfo. As per our approach we went there with a dedicated demo related to their company, so we could show them an all in one solution that will bring to life their ideas and fulfil their needs in a professional way. We wanted to let them know how a powerful platform like Odoo will push the company forward and affect the leadership and all the operations in Albagame.

As we agreed, the “spoc” (Cfo) of the projects has made a huge difference cause she is highly professional and used to test Odoo a lot of months before we agreed to work together. From Pos, sales,purchase,accounting till to inventory, ecommerce ect, everything is moving to Odoo. Our staff was very excited for this project cause we used to grow up with the brand and everyone had a memory in their shop when we used to rent a movie or buy a video game. We are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support AlbaGame for every need.
Albanian Football Association
Albanian Football Association Administrativo
Albania Federation Football is one of the top ten institutions in Albania.

2016 was the first year in history for Albania to be qualified and participate in Uefa Euro Championship. The federation has advanced a lot during the last years by managing to build new headquarters in Tirana with high standards and renovate the main Stadium by building a masterpiece in the center of capital.

Parallel with this projects they have been involved in developing their technology and the way how they manage everything. First when we met them they were using only an old local accounting software and we proposed them to move in an all in one platform like Odoo for all their departments.

As their team is highly professional it took a lot of meetings and live presentations to convince them why Odoo was the right ERP to go in comparison with navision or sap. A strong point of the discussions was our intention to gather all their needs only on Odoo. Zero wanted to make every operation easy to manage by changing the way how they were working earlier, which is related with our vision too.

The implementation has been a challenge as they have a lot of staff but Zero works with Odoo standards. We have been following the right path with the help of our account manager and the brilliant work of our Director of Implementation and everything has been done regarding Odoo implementation methodology.

Same time we need to accept that they are a pioneer in Albania in embracing new technologies and moving forward in the digital age. Every department and all the details of the institutions are moving to Odoo cloud and we are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support them for every need.
ExtraBis Mayorista / Minorista
Extrabis is founded from an Albanian that has been living in Ireland for years. After studying and working there and gaining experience from working for a big brand like PortWest that produce workwear he decided to come back at his home land and bring what he learned. This is how Extrabis was born. With a vision to bring to Albanian market the best brands for workwear and offer companies here security and high standard products.

They have started in Albania and expanded rapidly their operations in Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece with the same approach as operating in main location by making Extrabis the leading company for workwear in our region.

When we got in touch they were using an old local accounting software to manage their finances. Their Ceo/Founder is a highly motivated individual and from his desire to move things forward and embrace new technology was clear that with the expansion of the company was impossible to move forward and reach new heights without a proper ERP. Same time they knew Odoo in general but mostly the community edition. As per our approach we proposed an all in one solution with variety of Odoo apps on enterprise version for all of their departments regarding their work structure. They agreed to move forward and implement Odoo step by step at all their locations.

What a positive spirit they have as a team and a rare approach for work which is not common in our market. An European way of working and treating business by giving their staff the opportunity to be part of something bigger. When you sit with them you understand that the work culture they have created is to keep things simple and focus on proper work. Enkeled is a role model as a CEO and he has a clear picture from where he has started and where he is going as he understand that business path is not a location but a transition. We are extremely happy to be along them during their journey and support their day to day operation with Odoo.
Fiber Group Sh.p.k.
Fiber Group Sh.p.k. TI / Comunicaciones
WeAreFiber è un Business Process Outsourcer globale che fornisce una vasta gamma di servizi e soluzioni in Inbound, Data Management e Smartsourcing. Con circa 700 persone, FIBER permette ai clienti in più di 20 paesi di concentrarsi sulle loro competenze principali, migliorando le loro prestazioni e creando valore sostenibile per i loro stakeholder.
KEAD Construcción
Kead has an extraordinary story as a small shop started just by two parents and now is the leading company in Albania for working tools with more than 25 years of experience, 500 partners, 1500 clients, and more than 12000 products.

They have started in Albania and expanded their operations in Kosovo too by joining the top leading companies of our region.

When we first met they were searching long for a proper ERP and mostly getting references for implementing Navision but they weren't convinced for the product and continued to search for a solution that would fit their mindset: A proper ERP, easy to use, modern, with an all-in-one solution that would make their day to day operations easier. Zero prepared a dedicated demo and since the beginning, they had a positive impact leading us to an agreement.

Now the parents are making space for the new generation and supporting them by embracing new technologies. Ada has a strong leadership sense and it's ready for any kind of challenge so implementing ERP was a step that we wanted to push forward and support the company to move forward. We are very happy to be part of their journey so we can help them to better manage their operation with Odoo and get the company to new heights.
Noa Dekra Group
Noa Dekra Group Finanzas / Seguros
Noa Dekra is the official partner in Albania of the giant Dekra, which is a European inspection company founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925 as Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein. With approximately 45,000 employees and revenues of roughly €3.3 billion, DEKRA is the largest inspection company in Germany and the third-largest in the world. By being along Dekra they are the biggest and most well known inspection company in Albania. They strongly hold their position by offering high standards of inspection which makes them the top leader in the market.

First when we got in touch they were using an old local accounting software to manage their finances. Its was clear for them that with the expansion of the company and in the age of digitalization was impossible to move forward and reach new heights without a proper ERP. They had knowledge in SAP but wanted something more flexible that will bring a variety of solution in their business. Same time they knew Odoo in general but wanted to be clear how far they could go. As per our approach we proposed an all in one solution with variety of Odoo apps for all of their departments regarding their work structure. They agreed to move forward but they had a condition to make everything ready in a record time. We explained that this will be impossible if they will not follow our approach and implementation methodology, but they were fully ready for the new challenge.

What a wonderful team they are. Its has really been a pleasure to work along them in their modern offices. As soon as you are there you can feel their energy and the strong familiar feeling along them. They have been so dedicated for the project by following it step by step. All the departments has been involved till in details. Their Ceo, Kledia (Leader) as we like to say, is a highly professional and dedicated woman that holds a lot in her shoulders. She is a role model and has played a key role in the process by being present at every step and moving all their team forward. It would be impossible without their collaboration, dedication and consistency to finish this project in a record time but we were able together to make it and put a new standard of quality/time of ERP implementation in Albania.
Selmani shpk
Selmani shpk Fabricación
What a unique story this company is. A true example of, “from zero to hero”. Selmani factory has been founded from one true man, directly after communism, an era of Albania when private business wasn’t possible. The founder started the company first as a small distributor of construction materials in 1994. It took him just four years to expand quicky and invest in the first hot dip galvanizing and tank production factory that would be the only one in Albania and one of the biggest in Balkan.

Years passed and who knew that Its manufacturing capabilities would exceed the current needs of the Albanian market. This made the company moving towards European and world markets. They have brought a standard in Albania in production and construction. During the last years the factory has massively expanding by adding more services like metal construction and road barriers producing etc.

The Founder of Selmani is a true Leader, he has always worked hard by keeping in mind what value the factory is providing and always taking care for his team by creating a “family feeling” environment. His perseverance, dedication and hard work has made the company what it is today. You can find people there that has worked for Selmani for 24 years and are still happy and motivated to continue forward. Something very rare and unique in Albanian market.

First when we meet the Ceo the request was clear, the factory needed one platform that will manage every department by being able to generate very detailed business intelligence report which would help the company make the right decision in the right directions. Ceo of Selmani has a high professional background in Business Management, he has studied in Austria and has build a lot of experience during the last year. He has a clear vision by sending the factory in complete another level and compete seriously in Europe. Erdit has inherited the best values of his dad which now holds a position as the president of the company. Their old local accounting software couldn’t handle anymore the next level of factory and the vision of the Ceo.

The task was not easy as a lot of apps needed to be implemented by creating a full cycle by covering all the process of administration and production. The production used to have a lot of details that needed to be developed and adapted as galvanizing is a very difficult process. One of the biggest challenges for us was to develop and implement a very detailed human resources solution integrated with day to day job that would be posted correctly in payroll, this was very difficult as different workers were doing different processes during days and getting paid different for each of them. Everything needed to be fully integrated with other apps.

Its has been a unique experience for we as Odoo partner as its our commitment to implement the ERP that we represent in the best way possible. A strong point of the project was the direct support of the Ceo which became for us the SPOC of the project. We have invested so much time and a lot of meeting for Gap analysis. We have stayed in the factory to see live how the work was happening so we could build a clear big picture of all the processes. Everything from CRM, sales, purchase, documents, calendar, discuss, manufacture, plm, quality control, maintenance, dashboard, hr, payroll ect are well implemented by covering every operation of the factory.

Need to be mentioned that Selmani factory is part of the group that they have created which holds and other companies too, like the construction company and the only Hilton Hotel in Tirana which is part of their group too.

They really like the philosophy of Odoo and platform in general. As they are going live for their full operations we cant wait for their feedback of their Odoo journey while being along them step by step and support them for every need. Their company and the vision of the founder is a unique story and that’s how we want to make their Odoo journey too in the new industrial 4.0 revolution.