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Brico Discount
Brico Discount Mayorista / Minorista
BRICO DISCOUNT une société basée à DJIBOUTI est spécialisé dans la vente de matériel et outillage de bricolage depuis plus de 30 ans, en proposant le direct usine à prix discount
Kawakib Real Estate and Construction Co. (KRCC)
Kawakib Real Estate and Construction Co. (KRCC) Construcción
Kawaakib is a real estate and construction company in Djibouti that specializes in representing and protecting its clients’ interests in their most important building projects.

Kawaakib’s management team possesses a broad range of training and experience, including architecture, engineering, construction management, real estate development, financial analysis, real estate sales and property management. This technical expertise provides the foundation for effective project leadership.

Our strategic advantage is derived from an entrepreneurial corporate structure that delivers best-of-class services and a broad diversity of project experience with low overhead costs. This experience and efficiency allow Kawaakib to respond to changing market conditions and implement developments across a wide range of product types and scale, quickly and effectively.