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ATTĒLS R SIA Fabricación
Attēls R is a furniture and material distributor which needs good Inventory and Sale management and Odoo helps them not only in those spaces, but allows them to manage websites as well. Attēls R function uses actions that are not available in standart, but thanks to Odoo open code, those actions were covered by making custom modules - Order Details, Validator, Translator.
CHAMP LAB SIA Otros Servicios
Champlab is an internet shop which specializes in selling sport nutrition. They mainly use eCommerce, Website and Sales. As well as Inventory and Purchase for stock management. Odoo gives them flexible eCommerce platform, with advanced inventory and easy website building tools.
EKJU Ltd Fabricación
SIA "EKJU" Ltd is one of the largest garden furniture and exterior design item producers in Latvia. The company currently employs almost 200 employees.

The company was founded in 1992 as a Latvian-German joint venture. Since 2003, the company is Latvian owned. 95% of goods produced by the company is exported. The main export markets are: England, Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Holland and Iceland. Ltd Ltd
Baltic’s leading online education platform for healthcare professionals (HCP). EVISIT is a place where healthcare specialists share their experience, improve their knowledge and learn about the most modern trends in medicine. Registered users can study educational materials on various subjects, access the most recent information about the medical field and certify their newly acquired knowledge by receiving certificates, references for the e-lessons learned or attend online conferences, webinars from any convenient place for them.
Gamechanger Audio SIA
Gamechanger Audio SIA Fabricación
Gamechanger Audio is an audio equipment seller and manufacturer. They work with B2C as well as with B2B customers. In Odoo they use modules as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting. Accounting had development to adapt it for Latvian law. This combination of Odoo modules allows them to manage main business processes from Odoo.
Omniva SIA
Omniva SIA Transportación
Omniva ir viens no vadošajiem loģistikas nozares uzņēmumiem Latvijā un Eiropā. Izstrādāta un ieviesta noliktavas pakalpojuma vadības sistēma Ominva biznesa klientiem.
Rīgas krēslu fabrika SIA
Rīgas krēslu fabrika SIA Fabricación
Rīgas Krēslu Fabrika has the goal of creating an ergonomic and employee-friendly work environment. It is achieved by paying meticulous attention to the client's tastes, habits, specifics of work and individuality.
SIA H2YO Europe
SIA H2YO Europe Fabricación
SIA H2YO Eurpoe are manufacturers. One of the main modules they use in Odoo is Accounting with development for adaptation for Latvian law.
Sharkcage is a metal product manufacturer. They actively use Odoo MRP modules for inhouse manufacturing and subcontracting. Additionally Odoo helps Sharkcage manage Inventory, with multiple warehouses, Purchase, Sales and allows them fully transfer their accounting to Odoo.
SIA Verbasco
SIA Verbasco Otros Servicios
Sniegtas vispārējas konsultācijas par Odoo Enterprise funkcionalitāti un iespējām.
SIA “BLT 9” Fabricación
BLT9 SIA are metal part manufacturing and seller. From Odoo they use modules as Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Manufacutring. Mostly all processes are done with standard functionality, but there are developments as well. And Odoo helps them to organize all they process in one place, which wasn't possible with there's previous system.
SQUALIO SIA TI / Comunicaciones
Squalio is an IT and data services group specializing in software licensing and software asset management services, as well as delivering progressive cloud and data services to customers in the industries tending towards secure and effective IT management while developing their business strategy. With over 20 years of experience, Squalio data services help any organization reach the breakthrough with tech innovation at any stage of business development, starting from choosing the right technology platform, meeting the security and regulatory requirements, transforming the decision making with the power of data analytics, and completing with adding the digital innovation and competitive edge with AI and IoT.
ShineLEDmt SIA
ShineLEDmt SIA Científico
Shine-LED is a professional LED video and lighting product manufacturer from Riga, Latvia. It was founded in 2010 by an experienced research and development team. Mayorista / Minorista
SIA is both a retail and wholesale online shop of wood, construction materials and other goods, working with both B2C and B2B clients. The decision to implement Odoo was taken when it became clear that their current ERP system is too narrow for a rapidly growing company. They decided to start the usage of Odoo Enterprise with modules Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Time Off. is planning to use Inventory in a very advanced manner for their stock control and operations, as well as integrating all their processes within Odoo with their e-commerce platform.