A unique combination of two names, “Albania plus Game” brought to life one of the most unique brands in our country. AlbaGame started as a very small business with just one shop during those times when we should go to a store to rent a movie or buy videogames. Now they have become the leading and the biggest company in Albania that distribute physical and digital games. They have grown their company in four locations with a huge warehouse that supports their operations. Need to be said that their Co-founder, now the Ceo of the company has had always a passion for music, movies and games. Since in his beginnings he wanted to create something that will bring people the best part of the day. He is a true Leader and has created a unique, highly motivated group of staff that are moving the company forward.

As the company was moving to the age of digitalization was clear that the local accounting software that they were using was not able to fulfil all their needs. They were ready to advance and create a very organized workflow, but the software was not supporting their cause. When we first meet them, we were very welcomed by their Ceo and Cfo. As per our approach we went there with a dedicated demo related to their company, so we could show them an all in one solution that will bring to life their ideas and fulfil their needs in a professional way. We wanted to let them know how a powerful platform like Odoo will push the company forward and affect the leadership and all the operations in Albagame.

As we agreed, the “spoc” (Cfo) of the projects has made a huge difference cause she is highly professional and used to test Odoo a lot of months before we agreed to work together. From Pos, sales,purchase,accounting till to inventory, ecommerce ect, everything is moving to Odoo. Our staff was very excited for this project cause we used to grow up with the brand and everyone had a memory in their shop when we used to rent a movie or buy a video game. We are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support AlbaGame for every need.
Albanian Football Association
Albanian Football Association
Albania Federation Football is one of the top ten institutions in Albania.

2016 was the first year in history for Albania to be qualified and participate in Uefa Euro Championship. The federation has advanced a lot during the last years by managing to build new headquarters in Tirana with high standards and renovate the main Stadium by building a masterpiece in the center of capital.

Parallel with this projects they have been involved in developing their technology and the way how they manage everything. First when we met them they were using only an old local accounting software and we proposed them to move in an all in one platform like Odoo for all their departments.

As their team is highly professional it took a lot of meetings and live presentations to convince them why Odoo was the right ERP to go in comparison with navision or sap. A strong point of the discussions was our intention to gather all their needs only on Odoo. Zero wanted to make every operation easy to manage by changing the way how they were working earlier, which is related with our vision too.

The implementation has been a challenge as they have a lot of staff but Zero works with Odoo standards. We have been following the right path with the help of our account manager and the brilliant work of our Director of Implementation and everything has been done regarding Odoo implementation methodology.

Same time we need to accept that they are a pioneer in Albania in embracing new technologies and moving forward in the digital age. Every department and all the details of the institutions are moving to Odoo cloud and we are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support them for every need.
BROTECH Brands sh.p.k
BROTECH Brands sh.p.k
BROTECH Brands has its beginnings back in 2012 as a small lighting store named LED Shop. After fast growth and increase of products range it became a company with its respective departments, where LED Shop is the retail and we have also developed wholesales, lighting projects and instalations.Our vision it is not to be limited only on LED lighting, but also on other innovative products and services that approach customer needs. We see as potential all products that offer efficient solutions such as Smart Control Systems, Solar Panels, Electric Chargers and so on.Lighting Projects Department, where we give solutions to different lighting and electrical projects as well as tracking and implement them.Distribution Channel, is working daily to send our best brands in other lighting or electrical stores all over Albania to make it easier for our customers to reach them. We are working now with around 350 partners, sending them our shelves and products.The fourth department developing now is the installation service, where we have build an online platform for all the electricians or companies which offers installation services.
Brotech comes as a company specialized in distribution, design and lighting b2b. Brotech was determined that in order to manage all processes in the company, it needed a software that summarizes everything in one software, and for this reason it chose Master IT as a company implementer for Odoo software, Brotech's goal was to increase sales and expand its activity, and for this reason, they needed a software that helped to do this. A fantastic experience that showed us how the dedication of all the staff brought the project forward. Today they are one of our successful references, they refer to Master IT as a company that has helped them achieve their goal.
Balfin Real Estate & HOSPITALITY
Balfin Real Estate & HOSPITALITY
Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality is part of Balfin Group. BALFIN Group (Balkan Finance Investment Group) is the biggest investment group in the Balkans region. Founded in 1993 in Vienna by Mr. Samir Mane, today the Group has a presence in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

BALFIN is a diversified group active in wholesale and retail, banking, real estate, asset management, tourism, media, and logistics. The Group employs approximately 5,000 people, whose dedication and passion remain key to the Group's success history in these 30 years.

Founded in 2018, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality comes as a Hub, developed with a clear focus on all services regarding the real estate market and more, making it an innovative company with a 360-degree coverage.The added value of this company exists in the three main pillars from which it has founded its philosophy and the way of making business:

• Real Estate
• Asset and Property Management
• Hospitality management and services

Working along

Working with the biggest group in Albania has been a real challenge for Zero but at the same time one of the most exciting projects, that will be in our memories for long. We were honored to participate in a project with the biggest Real Estate Company in Albania &Region and we accepted the challenges to serve all their need regarding a full 360-degree solution for Real Estate Management.

They are a dynamic team and very well organized. All the requests were prepared clearly and on point based on a long study they used to do on their operations. After a lot of effort and hard work they are finally live on Odoo, handling their daily operations and aiming for any opportunity along their way.

We would like to share more about our experience and project in general but every other detail regarding project is base in a strict non-disclosure agreement.

We are happy and proud to support them now during their journey in Odoo.
DBS Group
DBS Group
As Decathlon Partners, DBS Group is a reference point in the Albanian apparel and textile industry promoting a success story. Transformation and Change for their Company is a synonym of excellence, industrial efficiency, product quality, healthy business processes, promoting professional growth and social responsibility.

In the second half of 2013, together with Decathlon colleagues, the idea of a productive structure with large dimensions was born in Albania. It specializes in the production of elastic textiles for the world of sports and is based on the most advanced technology in the field of clothing processing. The verification of the general political, and economic conditions and the availability of the workforce was carried out through frequent visits to various potential areas. In a short time, the feasibility of the project was analyzed and the location of the most suitable building to set up the new production unit dedicated to the joint project was found. The support of our partners made it possible in a short time to solve the necessary formalities to open DBS Group in Tirana, in a place that is easily found, logistically suitable and able to provide the necessary workforce to give life to the project. Initially, the business came to life in an area of 1000 square meters.

The collaboration is currently translated into a partnership with the world sports products giant, Decathlon. DBS Group has a workforce of 550 employees with a growing trend. The factory area in production exceeds 12,000 square meters. Regular exports weekly to major clients. Our commitment to the customer has allowed us over the years to cooperate with the most prestigious brands, which consider DBS GROUP the ideal partner for both production processes and the important stage of product development. We are a reference point in the Albanian textile and confectionery industry, promoting a success story. For us, transformation is synonymous with industrial efficiency, product quality and processes, promoting professional formation and growth, and corporate social responsibility. The factory, located in the western suburbs of Tirana, has been operating since 2014. In an area of 20,000 square meters, of which 12,000 square meters are closed, over 7 industrial processes are developed that make DBS GROUP a fully integrated factory to market a finished product. The approach to a product realized in DBS is the path towards perfection and training in the realization of complex products. The size and high number of employees have imposed high standards of reliance on clear, transparent and ethical regulations

We are happy to have them now in the Odoo family and support their growth for the future.