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Alurida Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Specializing in the production of aluminum windows and doors and accessories . Products of outstanding quality, fashionable, widely used in a variety of architecture, and enjoy a great reputation in the overseas market.
Alurida always implement the concept of creating value for customers,customized products to meet customers' different requirements and continuously provide customers with solutions and technical problems.
AMS Product Assembly (Foshan) Co. Ltd
In close cooperation with clients products and devices are brought from engineering for production into mass production upscaling. AMS will take care of protoypes, moulds, component procurement and final assembly. Testing, packaging and logistics are also looked after by AMS.


BCD China Electronics
Founded in 2003, BCD is a full service electronics ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) providing sketch-to-shipment solutions to clients worldwide. We have offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and China. We specialize in power, wireless, and especially emerging IoT (Internet of Things) product design and manufacture.Our client list ranges from startups to large international firms, including NoMad, Doblet, Studio Six, Bretford, Audi, Volkswagen, Incase, iHOME and many others.
ChangZhou SITA Waste Services Limited光大升达固废处置(常州)有限公司
Chang Zhou SITA was created in 2015. The company is dedicated to the collection, stock and disposal of the dangerous 、industrial waste material and solid waste, as well as the steam sales, providing the consultancy service related to waste disposal solution.

Cocoon Group 上海珂客恩贸易有限公司
China’s sustained fast growth creates numerous opportunities in almost all fields of business.
Cocoon Group was founded in Shanghai in 2005 to take advantage of these opportunities by supporting trade relationship between China and Europe and between China and other emerging markets.
Huge challenges arise from tremendous opportunities. Cocoon’s mission is to help its clients make the most out of China and assist them in dealing with fast moving competition, deep cultural differences.

中国市场的快速发展为各行业创造了无数的商机。珂客恩于2015年在上海成立,借势于这股发展浪潮,为中国和欧洲之间,中国 和其他不断崛起的区域市场的贸易提供支持。 同样的挑战也来自于这些急剧攀升的商务机会。珂客恩的主要职责在于帮助客 户充分利用这些商机,快速解决不断变化的竞争和深层次的文化差异带来的挑 战。
Dongguan zhiyuan ruanjian ltd



Easy Imex Limited
槿镶(上海)贸易有限公司办公室地址位于中国大城市,魔都上海,上海 02室,于2015年05月19日在上海市工商行政管理局注册成立,主要经营预包装食品(不含熟食卤味、含冷冻冷藏)、乳制品(含婴幼儿配方乳粉)、酒类、日用品、化妆品、小家电、数码产品、纺织品、体育用品、玩具、陶瓷、木制品(原木出口除外)、塑料制品、机械及零部件(特种设备除外)、珠宝首饰(毛钻、裸钻除外)、礼品(文物除外)的批发、佣金代理(拍卖除外)和进出口及其相关的配套业务;
Espressif harnesses technology in order to create a better world with less waste and pollution. By leveraging wireless computing, we create carefully designed products that are more intelligent, adaptable and versatile.
Eurocave Erard China Limited
EUROCAVE ERARD CHINA LIMITED is a WFOE owned by two French companies: EUROCAVE & ERARD. EEC produced various products like mini wine cabinet, TV stand, bracket and other accessories.
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FAÇON PARFUMS Cosmetics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
FAÇON PARFUMS Cosmetics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company managing imports and exports in perfumes, cosmetics, daily commodities, as well as jewelries.
Falinwa Limited
Falinwa, located in Shenzhen, is a consulting firm with expertise in Finance, Information System, and Business Intelligence. We are OdooGolden partner in China and chosen as Top Three Best Starter 2014 on Asia Pacific.
Odoo Service:
• Odoo Integration - Develop a customized and powerful ERP solution for the management of all your departments’ data.
• Odoo Migration.
• Training to end user.
• Odoo Cloud service.
• Outsourced CFO / CIO
1. Odoo实施管理:提供安装,培训,云托管,维护等一系列的ERP服务
2. 财务外包:推行一种灵活的、自定义的数据管理系统,出具专业的财务报告, 关键业绩指标,使得公司的管理层更好的做决策
3. 金融工作团队外包:提供企业商业计划,预算,企业评估,内审等服务
4. 行政管理和财务支持
5. 代办营业执照,报税,记账
6. 服务器和网络维护
7. 招聘,工资管理
Guangzhou Winway Technology Co. Ltd.