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Alfacapital Group LLC
Alfacapital Group LLC
Альфа Капитал Групп ХХК
It engages in international and domestic trade, office renting, and real estate brokerage.
Amar ecommerce llc
Amar ecommerce llc
Авлаа.мн ХХК

It provides online trading services.
BRICKLAND LLC Mayorista / Minorista
Брикланд ХХК

It provides an operation including imports and sales more than 2,000 types of toys for kids and 30 types of motor oil products.
Barilgachin group
Barilgachin group Construcción
Барилгачин ХХК

Areas of activities:
-Construction material trading
-Construction material store
-Construction material supply center
CWMGL LLC Mayorista / Minorista
Since its incorporation in 2006, CW MGL successfully serves divers industries in Mongolia. The company supplies various safety & security products, machinery and equipment by partnering with world renowned brands. We have gained trust and secured partnership with a number of European, North American and Asian principals, each being one of the best in their field, to represent them in this country. The company is pursuing steady and continuous growth over the years. CW MGL is serious supplier not only providing quality goods meeting international safety standards, but also organizing on demand different trainings and technical services contributing considerably to enhancement of industrial safe working environment and productivity increase in Mongolia.
Cubicsoft LLC
Cubicsoft LLC
We are a team with experience in installing, customizing, configuring and developing Odoo since 2010.
Our main goal is to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to grow their business and innovate their success within Odoo. To this end, we are working hard to receive Odoo new versions as soon as they are available and to be aware of changes, updates and added new opportunities.
Бид бол Odoo-г суулгах, ашиглах, тохируулах, хөгжүүлэх чиглэлд 2010 оноос өнөөдрийг хүртэл ажилласан туршлагатай хамт олон юм.
Бидний харилцагчид Odoo-тай хамтдаа хөгжиж, тасралтгүй шинэчлэгдэх боломжийг хамгийн түрүүнд хүртдэг байх нь бидний үндсэн зорилгуудын нэг болдог.
Энэ зорилгын төлөө бид Odoo-н шинэчлэлтүүдийг гарсан даруйд нь хүлээн авч, өөрчлөгдсөн зүйлс, шинэчлэгдсэн, нэмэгдсэн боломжуудыг даруй мэдэхээр ихээхэн хүчин чармайлт гарган ажиллаж байна.
Enkhiin shuuder LLC
Enkhiin shuuder LLC Fabricación
Enkhiin Shuuder LLC

Liquid drug manufacturer and wholesaler company.

Basic functions: Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, Website, eCommerce

Special functions: Online ordering system for B2B
Gaikham LLC
Gaikham LLC
Gaikham LLC is established in 2009 and has been providing innovative vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions that based on M2M technology to the market since its establishment.

Gaikham LLC has been delivering our products and services for over 500 customers throughout country including Ulaanbaatar and 21 provinces of Mongolia.

Our vehicle tracking and fleet management solution assists customers to reduce fleet related costs, increase employee productivity, enterprise profitability and improve driver & fleet safety.
Internom LLC
Internom LLC
Интерном ХХК

It provides services including manufacture of printed products, preparation of printed materials, publishing of books and sales of published books, photo information.
Meic building
Meic building Mayorista / Minorista
Mongolian Medicines Impex Concern was first established in 1923 under the command of General D. Sukhbaatar as the First Pharmacy, and since that time, it has been rapidly delivering quality and guaranteed medicines and pharmaceutical products to the people throughout Mongolia. Even today, maintaining this continuity, through its branches covering the entire country of Mongolia, it quickly and reliably provides people and health institutions with medicines and health products incorporating the achievements and innovations of modern medical science.
Mon Tariur LLC
Mon Tariur LLC
Our company, Mоn Tariur LLC, is a product that replaces imports and produces disposable syringes, according to quality and standards and continues to supply the market continuously.
Monhorus Mayorista / Minorista
Монхорус ХХК
It provides construction services of power plants up to 100 MW, installation, testing, adjustment, and maintenance of substations and transmission lines above 220 kV.
Monos Group LLC
Monos Group LLC Salud / Social
Монос Групп
Monos Pharma Trade LLC
Monos Pharma Trade LLC Mayorista / Minorista
Engaged in wholesale, import and logistics of pharmaceutical products. It is the leading drug wholesale company in the Mongolian market.
Basic functions: Sales, CRM, Purchases, eCommerce, Inventory, Accounting, Project.
Special functions:
- DAS (digital assorting system) integrated solution.
- Integration with B2B online order third party system.
Monos Trade LLC
Monos Trade LLC Salud / Social
Monos Trade LLC
Engaged in wholesale, import and logistics of pharmaceutical products. They usually trade with government agencies. There are about 20 local branches.
Basic functions: Sales, CRM, Purchases, eCommerce, Inventory, Accounting
Mungun Saa LLC
Mungun Saa LLC
Mungun Saa LLC

Beauty saloon and Spa.
Basic functions: Sales, CRM, Websites, Accounting, Appointment

Special functions:
- Appointments and Time Reservations solution for Saloon & Spa appointment
New Juulchin Tours LLC.
New Juulchin Tours LLC. Otros Servicios
New Juulchin Tours LLC

Inbound & Outbound Tour operator company. It is strives to be an exemplary tourism company which delivers unrivaled and world standard services while promoting socially responsible processes through adopting culturally and environmentally friendly practices.

Basic functions: Sales, CRM, Purchases, Inventory, Accounting, eCommerce, Project, Timesheet, Website
Special functions: Tour Management App
Novaka international llc
Novaka international llc
Новака Интернэйшнл ХХК
We import a few types of goods and sell them wholesale and retail
Nutgiin Buyan LLC
Nutgiin Buyan LLC Construcción
Нутгийн буян групп ХХК

Areas of activities:
-International and domestic trading
-Heavy machinary and spare parts trading
-Mining operator
-Stationary and mobile concrete batching plants
-Transport logistics
-Real Estate Broker"