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ADV Service Limited
ADV Service Limited
The Art de Vivre Group is committed to making the concept of art of living accessible to everyone. Whether it is via the Group’s wine collection, accessible art platform or consulting company, the Art de Vivre Group endeavours to trigger emotions through experiences in various aspects of life.

AFO System Limited (AFO) provides a unique approach to Industry 4.0 Open Source Digital Factory Solutions.
We specialise in the implementation of open source solutions for manufacturing industries such as ERP, APS, PLM and MES in China and Hong Kong. Our passion is to proactively assist our clients successfully implement a new era of manufacturing systems and become world-class manufacturer in their area of expertise!

AFO also provides other open source solutions to varies industry, not just manufacturing, which includes:
- E-commerce
- Website
- Mobile App
- 电子商务
- 网站
- 移动应用程序
API Lab Testing Ltd
API Lab Testing Ltd Otros Servicios
With 5 laboratories operating in Asia as well as Europe, API provides a comprehensive range of household goods lab testing solutions.

Needs : LIMS, sales, accounting, portal, equipments; warehouse

On Odoo since 2017
AW Laboratories
AW Laboratories
AW Laboratories is part of the ETS Group, which implements the developments and concepts in production. With modern machines for prototypes and series production as well as a network of engineers and partners, we manufacture your product to the highest quality standards.

We guarantee the security of your ideas according to German standards, tools are stored under lock and key under our supervision.

Our laboratory carries out series monitoring, material testing and product testing for you. Desired certifications are extensively and cost-effectively prepared and worked out with the certification authorities.
Anglo East Surety Limited
Anglo East Surety Limited
Anglo East has been a well-establish pioneering thought leader providing ONE-STOP protection solutions for INSURANCE, SECURITY, LOGISTICS and SAFES to our valued customers for over 30 years with the highest-quality customer satisfaction and professional expertise.
Asia Manufacture Supply Limited
Asia Manufacture Supply Limited Fabricación
AMS was founded in 1998 as a result of more than 15 years of experience in ASIA we thought market need to redefine supply chain management with a more dynamic and flexible strategic procurement processes, innovative & technology.
Main business: assembly, wholesale, import and export of glass products, ceramic products, plastic products, handicrafts
Easy Factory
Easy Factory
With the fully integrated manufacturing, EasyFactory ranks among the world’s largest manufacturer of Kitchenware goods. Experience and expertise enables us to offer complete, customized solutions.
Grandcast International Limited
Grandcast International Limited
Grandcast International Limited believes in headwear that can represent the brand, manufacturing premium headwear is the speciality of the past 25 years. Bespoke customisation high-quality headwear is how we measure our work or art. Baseball caps, snapbacks, fitted, bucket hats, army hats, knitted headwear, beanies, winter hats are topics we talk about every day.
Grandcast International Limited相信可以代表品牌的头饰,在定制高品质头饰的行业上拥有超过25年的经验。定制高质量头饰是我们衡量工作或艺术的方式。我们每天都在谈论棒球帽、回弹式、全封式、渔夫帽,军帽,针织头饰、针织帽,冬帽等话题。