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Select a person who needs to approve each request, even if it’s not a manager.
Do you need an accountant’s and a manager’s approvals? You can decide whether you want both to request any type of approval.


Sparen Sie Zeit bei der Verwaltung der Anfragen
Ihrer Mitarbeiter

Alles an einem Ort.

The management of your requests are made easy; travel, office supplies, payments, all request submissions can be created, validated, or declined in seconds from your approval dashboard.

Your Company,
your Types

Legen Sie Genehmigungsarten, die Sie brauchen.

Erstellen Sie mit einem intuitiven Konfigurator einfach die Genehmigungstypen, die Ihren Anforderungen entsprechen. Fragen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter nach den Informationen, die Sie benötigen, bevor Sie eine Anfrage genehmigen.


Tonbo's goal is to make it easy for employees to do their job. And, because of the field Tonbo is active in, employees often need their manager's approval. With Odoo's web-based and mobile-based access, it is easy and quick for them to ask for something and have the approval or not. A time-saving feature that helps them be more productive!

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