Website product Price Filter

v 9.0 Third Party 2

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Technical name website_product_filterByprice
Read description for v 10.0 v 8.0
Required Apps Website Builder (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Sales Management (sale)
Invoicing (account)

Allow Customer to Filter Product

This feature helps Customer to Filter product according to its price requirement.This feature can Enable/Disable from website view side.

Enable/Disable of Filter Option

Admin can decide whether to provide Filter option to Customer or not.It is easy to Enable and Disable Feature from UI side.

Sets Initial Min. Max. Price of Available Products

Filter's Minimum range sets by the lowest product price and Maximum range by the highest product price.

View Currently selected Filter

Customer can see the curently applied Filter easily and able to filter according to its requirement.

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Want to know detail feature?
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Will this module, filter the product based on discounted pricelist and variant prices ???? Case 1 : If Product A Sales Price 2000 but after applying discounted pricelist price changed to 1000. Now if customer search range ( 200 to 1000). will this show product A in search result? Case 2 : If Product B has two variant based on Size such as large and medium. Medium sales price is 1000 and Large Sales price is 2000. Now if customer search range (1500 to 2000) . will this show product B in search result??? Do let me know . If yes then i will purchase this module?