Line Reservations

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Technical name blue_line_reservations

Line Reservations

Manage your inventory better.

Decide where inventory is put or picked on a per line basis.

No longer required to have separate purchase orders for different destinations.

One sales order can have different sources.

Works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo.


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Line Reservations


The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.


Normally in Odoo, to have products shipped to or from multiple locations, you are required to generate multiple sales or purchase orders. For example, a customer may order 1,500 widgets, but you have 500 widgets in the eastern warehouse, and 1,000 widgets in the western warehouse. Without this module, you would be required to generate two sales orders, which does not really match what is happening. With this module, a single sales order is generated, and in the picking ticket, the source is split.

To use the module, you have two methods of specifying mulitple source or destinations from a sales or purchase order. First, on each line o the order, choose your quantities and the destination.

blr_multiplelines.png blr_multiplelines_2.png

The second method is to use the split function provided on the shipment ticket.


This will split the amount into two lines, then you can edit the To or From fields for each line. A line can be split more than once.


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