Customer Geolocation

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Technical name blue_crm_geolocation
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Contact Geolocation

Increase sales revenue with better customer targeting.

The Customer Geolocation developed by Blue Stingray provides integrations with Google Maps and Bing Maps so that your sales teams can better target their customers and increase overall sales for your business. Automatically obtain the locations of your entire customer base, or leads database, so that you can search based on addresses.

Live Demo Access

Access a live demo instance with this module installed.

Blue Stingray provides a live demo environment for many of our modules so that you can see the module installed into a sample instance, test out the features, and determine if it will work for your needs before purchasing. Click the button below and login with the username demo and the password demo.


Get the latitude and longitude of each contact.

After installation and configuration, contacts in the system will start to automatically generate the Latitude and Longitude for you. Each contact form will show the Latitude and Longitude for reference. These fields are searchable within the system, but are also used in the Proximity Search feature of the system.

Search using proximity filters from the contacts list.

A custom search is added to the contacts section of your instance which allows you to search within a radius of a certain location. For example, you would have the ability to search a search on all contacts to find the contacts that fall within 50 miles of the zip code 62226.

Filtering out and displaying proximity results..

The results of a proximity search can be filtered, grouped, and search just like any other list of information that you see within Odoo. The results can also be displayed in a standard list or they can be displayed in a map view.

Technical and Functional Support

Free bug fixes and email support for 30 days after purchase.

Blue Stingray will do whatever we can to help you successfully implement and utilize our modules to improve your systems. This include 30 days of free bug fixes and email support after the purchase of any of our modules. Reach out to us directly through the contact form or by emailing us at

Installation and Configuration

1. Copy the files to your addons folder.

This step depends on exactly how your installation is configured, but you will want to place the blue_crm_geolocation module that is provided on download into an addons folder on your server. If you are not sure about what folders are considered addons folders then you can look at your odoo configuration file.

You can place these files on your server multiple different ways. We recommend either SCP/SSH or FTP.

2. Restart your Odoo instance.

Whenever installing new applications, you will need to restart your Odoo instance. We highly recommend that you do not do this during your standard hours of operations, and in a production environment. There is always a chance that modules can conflict, and you do not want to take down your system for any amount of time like this.

Use the standard method that you would normally use to restart your Odoo instance. There are multiple different methods for this depending on your setup but we typically see something like the following:

# Using a service script on Linux
sudo service odoo-server restart

# Using Docker and Docker-Compose
docker-compose restart

3. Install The Module.

Once you have restarted your instance, you can navigate to the Apps screen within your Odoo instance and install the Customer Geolocation module. This will open up all of the feature for you to access.

That's it! Start using the new features!

4. Add Google or Bing Maps Keys.

The module will work out of the box without any keys, but it depends on the Google Maps free version of the API and could potentially throttle you. We allow you to add your own Google Maps key or Bing Maps key to use a registered account:

Google Maps. For Google Maps you will follow these steps:

  • 1. Ensure you have an API Key for the Geocoding API
  • 2. Enable Developer Mode in the Settings screen
  • 3. Navigate to Settings > Technical > System Parameters
  • 4. Add the parameter for geolocation.google_maps

Bing Maps. For Bing Maps you will follow these steps:

  • 1. Ensure you have a Bing Maps Key.
  • 2. Enable Developer Mode in the Settings screen
  • 3. Navigate to Settings > Technical > System Parameters
  • 4. Add the parameter for geolocation.bing_maps

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CRM Geolocation using Bing Maps



The module is installed through Odoo's App interface. It will automatically install Odoo dependencies not already installed.

Getting an API key from Bing

After installing the module, you must obtain an API key from Microsoft or Google to use their Maps API. Microsoft's Getting Started Guide <> or Google Maps API <> tells how to do this. Take note, any costs incurred using the Bing or Google API is between you and Microsoft/Google. Make sure you obtain the right level of service that suits your needs. Once you have this key, you must create a system parameter in Odoo identifying the key. After activating the developer mode, go to Settings -> Technical -> System Parameters. Create an entry named geolocation.bing_maps or geolocation.google_maps with a value of your key.

system_parameter0.png system_parameter1.png


Getting the location of a contact

Once installed, two new fields are added to a Contact, Geo Latitude and Geo Longitude. These fields are viewable on the Contact form.


Filtering the results

Once you have generated this list, it can be filtered just as you would any other list of contacts. So for example, you can filter by Vendor.


Viewing the results on a map

Finally, you can view the results on an interactive map. To do so, click on the map view icon near the top right of the list.


The result is your search location (the blue dot) along with the results (the purple dots) on an interactice map.


My contact location is showing as 0, 0

If you find that some of your searches are showing contacts that do not belong, you may have contacts without correct location data. Look at the problem contact and see if the Geo Latitude and Geo Longitude are 0.0. If so, the contact will show a warning. For example:


If so, there are two possibilities for why the contact does not have location information.

  1. If the contact existed before installed the CRM Geolocation module, then it will not get location information until there is an update in the contact's address. If you wish to do all contacts, then you can export all your data and reimport after making a small change to the address using Odoo's import export mechanisms. Doing something as simple as adding a space to the end of the address will work. Note that this could generate many hits against your Bing Maps account.
  2. If updating your contact's information still generates no location information, check your logs. The module generates entries with "GEOLOCATION ERROR" in the log. Search for that phrase to find the errors. The urllib error is listed. For example, if the key entered as a system parameter is incorrect, then a 401 Unauthorized error is generated.

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