Account Bank Match

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Advanced Bank Statement
Account Bank Statement Import

Account Bank Match

automatically match bankstatement lines with sale orders and invoices

When you import 100-, 1000- or even more bank payments a day, processing and reconciling them can be a big hassle. This module will save you a lot of work by automating this process: for every bank statement lines it looks for a sale order or invoice, creates an invoice if it does not exists, process the payment and reconcile it with the bank statement line. All on the background based on rules you define.

find matching invoices

Define which references to extract from a bank statement line. By default all sale order, invoice and refund references are extracted. You can define your own and use normal text or regular expressions to search in the statement line description, partner, remote bank account and more.

define advanced extraction rules

Create rules to find a matching invoice or sale order for instance based on payment amount, bank account number, date, partner, country, etcetera. If a defined rules applies to a statement line a match is created with the defined score.

process payments automatically

If one correct match is found the payment will be processed and the invoice is automatically reconciled with the bank statement line.

probability scoring system

If no winning match or more then one match is found you can select the best option from a list with probabilities scores.

create new rules on the fly

Create new rules on the fly when you are manually processing the left-overs. For instance: Book all payments from bank account DE123xxx with 'Computer' in the description on the 'Computer and Service' journal.

easy to install

This module works out-of-the-box and includes a set of extraction and bonus rules which should be enougn for most installations. But you can easily adapt all settings and create your own rules.

Depends on the free Advanced Bank Statement module from Noviat


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