Discount in sales, purchases and invoices

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Technical name discount_on_untaxed_amount

Apply Discount On Total

Apply discount in sales orders, purchase orders and invoices


  •    Apply discount as percentage.
  •    Apply discount as a rate.
  •    Discount will be applied on Untaxed Amount.
  •    Discount is applicable on invoices, sales orders, quotations, purchase orders and Requests for quotations.
  •    Applied Discount will be displayed in Portal and Templates.


The module provide to apply a discount on the untaxed amout of the invoice, sale order or the quotation. The discount can be applied as a rate or a percentage. Presently Odoo does not have these features.

Discount Percentage

☛ Select percentage as a type and set the rate.

Discount Amount

☛ Select amount as a type and set the rate.

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