POS Speed Up

Odoo 2
v 11.0 Third Party 12

250.00 €

Technical name pos_speed_up
Also available for v 10.0 v 9.0 v 8.0

POS Speed Up

Faster & Better


Just install, wait in minutes on first time

The original Odoo POS is very slow if you have a large number of products, which is very time-consuming and unproductive.

With this module installed, your system will benefit from incredible loading speed of 100,000 - 200,000 products in a few seconds even in low internet connection.

It also scalable if you have a large number of orders and customers.

Main Features

Loading more 100,000 products, customers on 2 - 3 seconds.
Not load background, keep POS work Offline after first loading.
Immediately synchronize changes without reload.
Adaptable with large number of records.
Applicable to any Models.
No conflicts, compatible with 3rd modules.
No configs.
No xls or any encrypt file.
No cron-jobs or any server efforts.


1.0.2 - 16/03/18
Apply to Customers.
Solve first loading problem.
Sort products on POS screen.
Pricelist v10 (Odoo always recompute product price whenever get records from server).
1.0.3 - 21/03/18
Change Detector - Indicator increases whenever POS have changes.
Synchronize without reload POS - Click to Indicator for update POS Data (Offline).
Refresh Data - Clear all Local Databases, Storage... for get Fresh Data on POS.


Free 24/7

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Thank you!

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No doubt !
by on

Just need a few second to load 26k products. Even if any changes in back end such as price, name, etc. In button refresh as well, very quick synchronize !

It's Amazing
by on

We have a client with over than 33k product and it takes long time loading , and after using this app it's really make huge effect and only seconds to load all 33k products .

Great module, great support
by on

This module is invaluable if you have a lot of products! Loading time went from 20 minutes to 10 sec, with 25000 products. It's also fairly easy to extend this module to work with other models. The module is well coded and should from my perspective be a default part of Odoo. I had a couple of minor compatibility issues with one of my own intricate POS modules, but I got great and very fast support from the developer. Best support i've experienced with Odoo devs. Overall: A++

The add ons is helpful so much
by on
What does this module do?
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