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Technical name vit_sms
Technical name vit_sms


Send SMS from Odoo Applications

Manage SMS messaging from inside Odoo. User can manually create SMS message and selecting the recipients from partners, group of partners, or enter the number manually.

It also provide methods for other module to be able to store message on Outbox to be sent later time, or immediate sending.

It provides public method for other addons to send SMS through this system:

  • self.env['vit_sms.outbox'].send_sms(destination, message, send_datetime=False, is_immediate=False )
  • destination: destination phone number
  • message: text message to send
  • send_datetime: when to send the message yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS
  • is_immediate: True/False send the message immediately without outbox

Gateway Specifics Addons

The addons is splitted into base SMS module (vit_sms) and Provider Specific Modules. To implement the actual gateway specific sending process, override this method:

  • self.env['vit_sms.outbox'].send_gateway() and return a tuple of (status, error_message, messageid)
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