Base Image Watermark

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Technical name product_watermarking
Also available for v 11.0 v 9.0

Base Image Watermark

This module will watermark any images added to your products

This module helps you to keep the uniqueness of your product on the website.
Protect your images from duplicity and misuse.

Base Image Watermark Brings Some Features.

Two ways to positioning the watermark

There are Two ways you can give postion your watermark image that is Centre and Diagonal.
Also, the image will be scaled to the proportions of the image you upload.

Diagonal look on website

Center look on website

Keep original image

No worry to lose the original image. You can get back the original image with one click.

Mass import & export

You can export the bulk of products in a CVS file and keep the original image as well original file name.
You can also import the bulk of products with its images and all the images will we watermarked themselves.

Technical Help & Support

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