Holidays multi levels approval

v 10.0 Third Party 1756
Download for 10.0 series
Technical name hr_holidays_multi_levels_approval
Also available for v 9.0 v 8.0

Holidays and approvals

Flexible holidays approvals management

By default in Odoo, you have maximum 2 levels of validation for holidays requests.
This module allows to have multiple levels of validation. For a given employee, you can
define the management hierarchy that should validate holidays.
Once the holidays request is done for an employee, it goes through the chain defined for the employee.
HR manager still has the rights to finish the validation process.
One approver can also transfer his approval rights to someone else.

Approval chain

This screen let user set the approval chain for holidays.
The user can set the default validation chain with the button.
Then the hierarchy is calculated from the manager field in the employee form.
User can still modify the chain. One can also change the sequence of the approvals.

Transfer approval rights while in leave
A manager can transfer his approval rights to another employee.

Leaves management

When a leave request is done, it goes through the validation chain defined for the employee.
The pending approver field shows who should validate before it goes to next step.
Requester can also see in the request the approvals already done.
When the pending signs in, he can see his pending requests to approve.

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manager don't receive the employee leave request .is there any configurations to do !!