Purchase quantity fix if return(odoo 10 purchase order return bug fix)

v 10.0 Third Party

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Technical name app_purchase_quantity_fix
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odoo 10 purchase quantity bug fix

This moduld Fix the big purchase bug(only in odoo 10)

Lastest update: v10.0.4.17, 2018-04-17

  • Create a PO with product
  • Validate a picking
  • Make a return picking.
  • Valide this return.
  • -> The quantity received is not update (except Master)
  • Make a return of return (to return in initial situation). (better than to do a copy of original to keep the link with purchase and parent picking).
  • Validate partialy this return-return
  • -> The quantity received is not update
  • -> The action to show pickings doesn’t show the return-return picking

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