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 T&T Power Group
T&T Power Group Виробництво
Offering an extensive lineup of CHP/continuous power/global adjustment mitigation products in addition to standby generator sets.
180 Smoke Vape Store
180 Smoke Vape Store Домогосподарства
180 Smoke manufactures the highest quality e-juices and provides a diverse variety of curated devices and accessories for all types of smokers across the globe. The company has multiple locations in Canada and the United States. For more information visit : https://www.180smoke.ca
A.R. Thomson Group
A.R. Thomson Group
A Canadian manufacturer of gaskets, packing, mechanical seals, expansion joints, valves, fittings, hoses, and other fluid containment and control products with capabilities focused on clients in oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper, mining, municipal, power generation, and many other industries.
AGT Robotics
AGT Robotics
AGT is a recognized leader for its know-how and innovative approach in the development and manufacturing of automated industrial equipment. Bista Solutions implemented Odoo 15 for them.
Maintenant, vous pouvez facilement adapter votre vélo de route préféré et le convertir en un système de vélo électrique puissant et complet en quelques minutes seulement, sans les coûts et les problèmes d’installation généralement élevés associés aux vélo
AMH Canada LTD
AMH Canada LTD
AMH Canada est un fabricant de postes de soudure, de cintreuses & d’expanseurs à tuyaux, de séchoirs à peinture infrarouge & UV, de systèmes de rails et d’autres équipements spécialisés, destinés pour le marché mondial de l’automobile et de l’industrie en général.
AON3D Виробництво
AON3D makes industrial 3D printers designed for printing high performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, Ultem™ 9085 and more.
Access Entry Systems
Access Entry Systems Домогосподарства
Over Thirty Years of Distributing Garage Doors to Canadians
Acier Rayco
Acier Rayco
Located in Saint-Tite, Quebec, Acier Rayco specialises in culverts and are expert in the manufacture of steel, aluminum and stainless steel parts.
Affordable Parts
Affordable Parts
Affordable Parts provides support to agricultural and industrial customers. They provide industrial, power and transmission services. We carefully analyzed Affordable Parts to pinpoint areas of improvement. We implemented a hosting solution through Odoo’s cloud. Additionally, we assisted with set-up, integration of custom modules, and data migration into Odoo from previous software. Furthermore, we provided training sessions, and ongoing comprehensive technical support.
Agence portfolio
Agence portfolio

Portfolio est un portefeuille de compétences professionnelles et personnelles articulées en fonction d’un objectif d’intégration en emploi.

Nous misons également sur le mot coupé en différentes syllabes pour mettre l’emphase sur la qualité de nos candidats qui sont francophones et sauront ainsi s’adapter aisément au marché de l’emploi québécois.
AirPura Медицина/Соціалка
Since 2004, Airpura’s mission has been to address the plethora of issues that are responsible for indoor air pollution.
Their customized solutions have brought clean indoor air to millions of people worldwide.

Depuis 2004, la mission d'Airpura a été de répondre à la multitude de problèmes responsables de la pollution de l'air intérieur.
Des solutions personnalisées ont apporté de l'air intérieur propre à des millions de personnes dans le monde entier.
The AIRGOMIG MIG welding fume extractor gun combines efficiency and ease of use. Its superior fume extraction capacity compared to similar products on the market offers welders adequate protection from toxic fumes. The system is nonporous due to the design featuring extraction holes placed a specific distance from the tip. Moreover, its ergonomic design reduced weight and ball joints offer optimum ease of use.