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Discovering what 'working' means

Discovering what
"working" means

Most of the students have no idea of what a company looks like. Some of them still have to make a choice of their future studies, while others have already made their choice, but are not sure of what their every day work will be…

At Odoo, we like to inspire the workers of tomorrow!

Заходьте до нас в офіс, подивіться, як ми працюємо та як розважаємося, відкриваючи для себе наше програмне забезпечення!

What can your students do
during this whole day?

Discover Odoo

Who we are, what we do?
Visit the building and feel the Odoo atmosphere.

Meet our colleagues!

Sales, accountant, sys admin, developer,… Let us know which profiles interest your class and we’ll organize a session where students will be able to ask all their questions.

Hands-On approach

We organize tailor-made workshops and talks(such as “Design an eCommerce”, “Being accountant in a fiduciary”). The LabOdoo or a Scale-Up! session can be part of the visit too!

Let’s take a break together

Why don’t we take a break all together with a nice lunch on our rooftop? We’ll invite your students to stay with us and experience our company restaurant.

Continue the fun

Get 24 months of unlimited access to Odoo online

Get 24 months of unlimited access to Odoo online

Build a course in Odoo and share it with your students.

Play Scale‑Up! the business game

Play Scale‑Up!
the business game

Start a company from scratch and make it grow.

Do you have a question? Contact us

Do you have a question?
Contact us

We will be happy to help you!

Offer to your students the visit of a real company

Come into our office, see how we work and how we have fun too.