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Afshin Fononi
Afshin Fononi IT/Зв'язок
Fononigroup is a leading international immigration company with 25 years of experience in providing comprehensive immigration services to individuals and businesses around the world. Our mission is to make the immigration process as seamless as possible for our clients, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals abroad.
Alina AB, Alina Service AB
Alina AB, Alina Service AB
BT Medicals AB
BT Medicals AB
UNTERNEHMEN: BT Medicals ist Vertriebspartner der Cells+Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA) für Skandinavien und die baltischen Länder. BT Medicals kann auf das gesamte Portfolio und Wissen von C+TBA zurückgreifen und somit aufgrund des soliden und stetig wachsenden Spendervolumens von C+TBA die Verfügbarkeit allogener Transplantate für Orthopädie, Traumatologie, Wirbelsäulenchirurgie und Sportmedizin gewährleisten.

WEB: www.btmedicals.com
Bestair Sweden AB
Bestair Sweden AB Оптова/роздрібна торгівля
Bestair Sweden AB
POBox 512 , 10130 Stockholm, Sweden
Billigt el & vvs i Sverige AB.
Billigt el & vvs i Sverige AB.
Billigt El & VVS i Sverige AB is a family-owned company that, since its inception in 2009, has supplied underfloor heating, electrical and plumbing products with high quality at good prices online. We work continuously to expand our product range and supplement our existing products with more information and better images.
Thank you for shopping for your underfloor heating, electricity and plumbing at billigtvvs.se
Candela speed boats
Candela speed boats Виробництво
We are fundamentally changing the boating industry for the better. Follow our progress in making electric transportation on water better than travel on fossil fuels.
Cgrain AB
Cgrain AB Науковий
Innovating the Future of Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence (ANN)
Save time and money using Cgrain's innovative AI Technology .
When humans analyse quality visually, there is a high degree of subjectivity. Many of the methods described for visual grain analysis are very hard to quantify in a consistent way. This can be due to inconsistencies in staff training as well as differences in the perception of colors. The results can also vary depending on the time period over which the work is done.
Using the Cgrain Value™, your results will be more consistent, since each kernel is inspected the same way every time at a speed of 8-12 kernels per second.
ChromaWay is a blockchain technology company. Since 2014, they have been developing and refining industry-defining blockchain technology platforms. ChromaWay created the first protocol for issuing tokens on the Bitcoin network. They used it to issue fiat currency together with LHV bank in 2014, and then to crowdfund startups on the Funderbeam platform.
CodeScene AB
CodeScene AB IT/Зв'язок
From book to startup.
CodeScene by Empear is a Swedish startup that develops the CodeScene code analysis tool. It all started in 2015 when Adam Tornhill published his ground-breaking book, Your Code As A Crime Scene. This book marked the beginning of a radically new approach to software analysis focused on the evolution of a codebase over time, which makes it possible to prioritize technical debt based on the likely business impact.
The book had a significant influence and since then Adam has presented his ideas in conferences around the world. In a short time, the concept of the "hotspot", borrowed from the field of forensic psychology, has become a standard term in the software industry.
Fully exploring these ideas, however, required code analysis tools that did not yet exist. So CodeScene, a new code analysis tool, was born; a powerful and predictive analytics tool that gives software stakeholders a new vision of their software projects with specific and actionable information that enables software organizations to increase their delivery efficiency.
CodeScene today is used by companies around the world, and independent studies have confirmed that CodeScene is the best tool for managing technical debt. CodeScene remains a fast-moving technology on the cutting edge of software analytics.
Contalia Gruppen AB
Contalia Gruppen AB
Smart & simple office solutions
Contalia offers smart solutions for simplifying and cost-effective office operations for all products and services around the office. We offer a cost guarantee. Take advantage of our smart services and automatic routines, they reduce your costs. We ensure quality via your own contact person with whom you handle all contact. In addition, we ensure our climate-smart deliveries with our own drivers and with the service you want. We also take with us recycling or ex. wise helps you with caretaker services. You build the function according to your needs.
Cortus AB
Cortus AB Енергопостачання
Cortus was founded by Rolf Ljunggren in 2006 with the vision to revolutionize the energy market with new green technology. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm since 2013.
Cortus business idea is to replace fossil fuels and chemicals with renewables. We do it cost-effectively, on an industrial scale and on a global market. Our mission is to help our customers in their transition to renewable production.
Dokument Press 26 AB
Dokument Press 26 AB Розваги
Dokument Press is both a publisher and a knowledge-providing company with its roots in the Swedish hip-hop movement. Its publishing includes book titles that both reach large audiences and affects social discourse. They give lectures and workshops both in Sweden and abroad, mainly on street culture, creativity, civic participation, and the right to public space.
Drupps AB
Drupps AB Науковий
We enable scalable and sustainable water production from the sky.
Drupps is a disrupter in the water industry introducing scalable, efficient and sustainable atmospheric water enabling companies and organizations to reduce water footprint and secure longterm water supply.
Edge Technology AB
Edge Technology AB IT/Зв'язок
We offer companies and public companies solutions that give them increased opportunities to run their businesses more profitably and sustainably. Our solutions consist of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and warehouse vending machines.
FOREO is a Swedish multi-national beauty brand established and headquartered Stockholm, Sweden.