Примітки випуску

Version 17

Released November, 2022

Version 16

Released October 12, 2022

What's new


On average, every page in the backend is 3.7 times faster to load and render. Website and eCommerce are 2.7 times faster to load controllers. Spreadsheet-based reports replace the various dashboard views/actions. Create custom 'Property' fields on your tickets, leads, tasks, and articles.

Бухоблік - Локалізація

Added localization for: Bulgaria, Kenya, Pakistan, and Serbia. Improved localization for: Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United States of America. Updated localization for: Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Indonesia, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Електронна комерція

Upload multiple pictures of a product in bulk; display them in a grid or carousel. Prevent visitors from adding some products to their carts (catalogue mode). Customers can be notified when a product is back in stock. If using Google Places API: provide address autocomplete and validation during the eCommerce checkout.

База знань

Manage your company knowledge with a dedicated app.


Uploaded invoices and expenses are validated in the background by the OCR to make the interface more responsive. The manual field matching interface on invoices was improved. Activate the digitization of vendor bills and customer invoices separately. Enhanced the partner detection on Invoices using bank account numbers and partner auto-complete information.


Manage documents directly from tasks with the 'Documents' smart button. The Project Updates' side panel was revamped to better track the profitability of projects, providing an overview of costs, revenues, margin, and budget. Deliver services automatically or manually by linking them to project milestones with the right invoicing policy.


Send signatures requests in a specific order, ensuring signatories only get notified when it is their turn to sign the document. Access documents waiting for your signature and documents you sent out more easily with new menu entries. Improved document sharing behavior.


Create 'Stress days' where employees cannot ask for leaves. From the dashboard, view the Validity Date of your available leave allocations. Users can delete their own approved and refused time off, provided they didn't start yet.


Added a new analytic widget on invoices to ease analytic distribution, analytic plans, and analytic distribution models. Improved the bank reconciliation widget's navigation, interface, and readability. Updated the navigation throughout the Accounting app to avoid technical views and allow for an easier transition between different screens.


Define per operation type what needs to be scanned or not: source location, product, serials, package, destination location. Serials and lots are now folded by default; scrolling them when unfolded was improved; view the expiration date. View supplier reference on receipts.


At the level of Operation Types, decide how to automate the creation of batches, either per contact, carrier, or destination country. Automate replenishment on specific locations by setting them as Replenishment Locations. Revamped all reporting; move easily from one report to another; reworked menus.


Create operation dependencies on the BOM that dynamically influence both the planning and status of work orders. Complete redesign of the work order Tablet view; four different types of BOM Improvement Feedbacks are now available from the Action menu; employees can log in to work centers and work orders, individually or simultaneously.

Призначення онлайн

The Appointments web page was revamped. Appointment types created from the website are automatically published and work out-of-the-box thanks to default reminders and schedules.


Set skills on an applicant; they will be transferred to the employee if created. CVs can be digitized to automatically extract the following information: name, email, and phone. Access CV previews directly in the app. Send documents to sign to applicants.

Електронні таблиці

The Spreadsheet library has been open sourced in LGPL. Convert an uploaded XLSX file to Odoo Spreadsheet for edition. See records on list() function. Added a new set of functions to get accounting measures (e.g., balance, credit, and debit).


Access the backend view of products, events, and appointments in one click with a new button. Use the new category of image shapes called 'Devices' to make images look like they are in a device (phone, tablet, computer). Enable grid mode on a building block to get full control of its elements.

Version 15

Released October 3, 2021

What's new


Prevent errors with a "To check" button on entries. Get currency symbol on documents and manage exchange rate easily. Manage foreign VAT. Get payment tolerance mechanism to automaticaly reconcile or partially reconcile payment and invoice. Carry over taxes amount from one period to an other.


Localisation done for Czech Republic, Slovakia. Taxes management improved for Netherlands and Germany. Voucher added for China. DDT and taxes management for Italy. US get 1099 reporting easier. EDI integration for Peru. EHF3 supported for Norway.


Share your schedule or an appointment type to schedule a new meeting. Get leads from appointment. Improvement in recurring event synchronization. Get notify when a new appointment is created.


Appraisal: access rights reviewed, integrated with survey. Approvals: define if the approvers is mandatory or not. Atetdnace: manage extra hours. Customize employee's departure reasons. Ease configuration of employee schedule and part time. Accrual Time Off management.


Manage batches with suggestion, at the opening of receipt/delivery. Edit quantity and packaging. GS1-128 Parser. Define package type with scanners. See location of a product with the barcode scanner.


Smart lead assignation. Spot duplicate of opportunities. Centralize infotaion thanks to outlook or gemail connectors. Forecast sales on opportunities


Edit or delete messages. Video or audio calls integrated. invitation meeeting. Add emoticon as rectaion to a message. Get members of a group at a glance.


Auto save and edit by clicking on a field. CTRL-k command to perfomr actions like chat or get a menu. Improvement in import wizards.


Read only mode in spreasheets. LSX export. More options in formating or cells formula


Mollie as new payment service provider. In stripe possibility to tokenize user cards using a redirect. Adyen: refund managermnt. Authorize.net support ach payment.

Point of Sales

Assign several responsible to a task. Manage task dependanceies. Share the kanban list view of projects with portal users. Get an order upsell activity when a prepaid service is close to being fully consumed.


Smart website configurator. Animated shapes to give even more life to the website. All themes have a new, more modern look.


Jinja to Qweb in emails. Schedule emails from a calendar view. Get a new editor to buil the email. A/B testing. Feedback sent to the responsible 24h after a sms sending. Youtube and instagram added in social marketing.


Cyclical inventory by location. Count anything, anytime, without inventory adjustment. Select several ready moves of a given picking type and group them in a new batch. Reserve, unreserve, and change priorities directly in the forecast report. Define putaway rules for package types.


Set an analytical account on Manufacturing Orders and track costs of production in real-time. Work order status related to material availability. MPS: Row options to consider demand last year and the year before. Cost management by products.


Assign several responsible to a task. Manage task dependanceies. Share the kanban list view of projects with portal users. Get an order upsell activity when a prepaid service is close to being fully consumed.

Version 14

Released October 3, 2020

What's new

Automatic Entries

Apply Automatic Transfers to specific partners; making inter-company transactions easier; one wizard for both, accrual and transfer preview entries in the wizard.


Improved batch payments error reporting. Batch Payments are now compatible with SEPA Credit Transfers.


Handle recurring revenues and manage renewal intervals, via used-definable plans.


Manage documents through the list view as you would in the kanban view (download, drag and drop, ...).


Choose between six templates for your certification, so your students can share them on social media.


24 hours after a campaign is launched, a recap is sent to the user responsible for it to share the initial results.

Конфігуратор заробітної плати

Make the "Customize Your Salary" configurator available in additional countries.


Unification of the form views of Project tasks and Field Service tasks to ensure a smoother workflow.


Sync product description changes from Sales Order to Manufacturing and/or Purchase Orders.


MTO route replaced by a more flexible approach based on automated replenishment.


Warning when trying to invoice without "invoiceable lines" - suggesting a configuration change.


Automatically weigh delivery packages when connected to a scale.

Collaborative Pads

Display collaborative rich text pads in the portal to further collaborate with your customers.

Flexible Consumption

Increase the scope of flexible consumption, allowing to update confirmed MOs and consume components, which weren't part of the initial BOM.


Combine Routings and Bills of Materials. Operations are now listed in a new tab of the BOM.


Phone numbers can now be modified on the fly when sending an SMS.

Exceptional Pay

Manage which "other inputs" are available on a payslip by defining which structure types can use them.


Define several default roles on your employees to get relevant shift templates and to send them the right open shifts.

Cash Rounding

Set a cash rounding in the PoS in the same way that accounting cash rounding works.

Many2many List

A user is now able to edit a many2many list field related to a model he only has read access to.


The Anchor system has been reviewed. Anchors are generated automatically based on the first title within a section, or the snippet name, as applicable.


The visibility of columns can now be toggled on mobile devices.


Use keyboard shortcuts and discover the full screen mode for an immersive experience in your website builder.


Change job position, stages, medium, priority, and responsibility in the list view. Create reports on reasons why applicants weren't hired.

Аналітичний бухоблік

Track any kind of revenue linked to the analytic account of your project.

Version 13

Released October 3, 2019

What's new

Демо дані

Added demo data in some applications to ease the testing experience.


Speed up the installation process (chart of accounts and languages).


List of records can now be accessed from most pivot views. Filter data on last 5 years; group by more than 2 group by.


New activity view

Snailmail (IAP)

Improved usability and error management when sending letters through snailmail.

Діаграма Ганта

New Gantt view with Drag & Drop, resizing and records creation with easy clicks.

Access rights

Groups have been renamed to be more business-oriented. Administrator instead of manager and reorganization by application.


Warn the user when his timezone is not set.


Sequences can be reordered from the kanban view.

Фільтри дати

New date filters (by month, quarter, year).


Allow the user to interact with documents across multiple companies at once. Share product by or not by adding a company on it

Maps view

Display records and routing on maps.

Custom Lists

Each user can add or hide some columns in list views, in order to tailor the screen to their activity with just the needed fields.


Improved error management on import.


Translate directly from the form view with the new translation modal. The new language code, replacing the globe, helps you know the language you are working with. Preview of mail in different language


The user interface of the calendar view was completely redesigned with some small new features such as the possibility to answer to an event directly from the event popup.


Customize the style (colors, font) of your documents.

Пошукова панель

Search panel now available from any multi-record view.


New ribbons for form views.

Column Resizing

Columns of editable lists resized to improve comfort.

Signature Widget

New signature widget to request signed confirmation in any process.


Quick export on list to export easily what you see on the screen in a spreadsheet


Allow drag & drop on extra product media to sequence them.

Version 12

Released October 4, 2018

What's new

Когортний аналіз

Новий підхід до когорти для аналізу ставок затримки або стримування з часом.

Панель приладів

Динамічні інформаційні панелі з UX натхненні Google Analytics. Інформаційні панелі можуть включати будь-який графік, когорти чи KPI.

Налаштування гістограми

New configuration bar in Sales, eCommerce, Invoicing & Accounting to help users configure the system.


Підтримка періодичних дій, шаблонів електронної пошти та нового перегляду, щоби швидко перевіряти всі дії.


Багато корисного та швидкого, включаючи новий інтерфейс для імпорту файлів та імпорту шаблонів. Система вивчає відображення даних для автоматичного виявлення стовпців та виявляє форматування даних (наприклад, дати, числа з комою).

Огляд електронної пошти

Get KPIs sent by email periodically according to your preferences: new leads, opportunities won, revenues, & cash, tickets closed, open tasks, etc.

Шаблон електронної пошти

Гармонізуйте інтерфейс користувача та покращіть вміст стандартних шаблонів електронної пошти.

Повна підтримка клавіатури

Натисніть клавішу Alt, щоби виділити ярлики та переміщатися за допомогою клавіатури у вигляді форм, списку та переглядів канбану.

Фільтри дати

Легко фільтруйте дати (сьогодні, минулий тиждень, цей квартал ...), включаючи гнучке групування даних за датою (за днем, тижнем, місяцями ...).

Спільний доступ посилань

Легко надайте доступ до документів або порталу клієнтів.

Права доступу

Користувач - це або користувач порталу, публічний користувач або працівник із системним доступом.

Справа наліво

Підтримка мов, які читаються справа наліво, таких як арабська.

Демо дані

Демо-дані були покращені на основі даних компанії, яка виробляє меблі.


Select the first day of the week.

Швидке створення

У перегляді Канбану, швидке створення було покращено для відображення додаткових полів у картці. (більше немає спливаючих вікон)

Version 11

Реліз 5 жовтня, 2017

What's new

Оптимізація продуктивності

Операції на бекенді - від 2 до 3 разів швидше. Усі перегляди інтерфейсу були перероблені з нуля, щоби прискорити завантаження та зменшити мерехтіння.

Новий дизайн

Новий дизайн з більш яскравою кольоровою схемою, оптимізований для адаптації до всіх розмірів екрану та пристроїв.

Покращені налаштування

Загальний пошук за всіма параметрами, покращений дизайн та можливість перемикання з налаштувань однієї програми на іншу.

Шаблони звіту

Налаштовані та красиві шаблони для вашого звіту, налаштування через студію, краще називання файлів PDF.

Заголовки Канбану

Гістограма прогресу на заголовках канбану, зрозуміла анімація, можливість фільтрувати на гістограмі прогресу за допомогою простого кліку.


Плануйте наступні дії та отримуйте зрозумілі сповіщення. Дії інтегровані з IP-телефонією, календарем та нотатками.

Нові віджети

Вибір доменів, вибір полів, генератор заміру для шаблонів електронної пошти, розширені адресні блоки.

Меню та панелі приладів

Нова інформаційна панель для проєкту та веб-сайту. Розділення продажів та CRM. Меню каталогу в бізнес-додатках.


Покращений механізм віддаленого сповіщення, відмінний зворотній зв'язок та винагороди тепер доставляються з анімацією веселки.


Зображення та попередній перегляд PDF у повідомленнях. Натисніть, щоби переглянути та перемістити ці документи.

Обговорення у мобільній версії

The discuss application has been reworked for a better user interface on Android and iOS mobile interfaces.


Бургер-меню і меню облікового запису краще адаптоване до мобільних пристроїв.

Інтерфейс користувача на мобільному

Покращено навігацію в перегляді Канбану, вдосконалено бургер-меню та меню налаштувань користувачів.

Version 10

Released October 6, 2016

What's new

New Android Mobile App

New native app for phones featuring faster load times, native notifications, account management, and native widgets for date, time, email, phone, and relational fields.

Onboarding Tips

New onboarding tips showing a tour of tool-tips to help new users get started with Odoo.

Quick Creation

New mechanism to quickly create new records without leaving the kanban view. for CRM, Projects and Recruitment.

Access rights

Human Resources access rights have been split by apps: Recruitments, Timesheet, Appraisals, Leaves, Expenses.


New configuration planner for eCommerce. Existing planners have been improved too. Planners completion are now per company.

Keyboard navigation

New shortcuts and quick menu access / search feature.

Translations evolution

When updating a field that is translated in several languages, an alert warns the user to update translations.

Simplified configuration

Settings on the company form have been moved to the Configuration menu of the related app.

File Import

Improved import tool: auto-detect date locale and float formats, filter proposed fields based on values.


Easier configuration of multi-companies environments, and access rights. New company switcher in the top bar.

Developer mode

Improved developer mode with more features. Accessible from the Settings app.

Version 9

Released October 1, 2015

What's new

Simply beautiful

Based on Material Design. Simple, clear, and great to work with.


Data loading is fast. Instantaneous apps switcher.

Simple filters & groups

Predefined filters allowing to view most useful data in one click.

Easy navigation

Rearranged menus to bring what you need closer to your fingers.

Fully mobile

The design will automatically and rightly adjust menu, lists, forms & fields to the size of the PC, tablet or mobile phone.