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Chitaitai Chemicals
Chitaitai Chemicals Виробництво
Chitaitai Chemicals is a privately owned company that has been offering quality chemical products for your everyday i.e., School polish, floor polish, and detergents.

Why using Odoo?
The need to track the manufacturing process and proper inventory management
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IHD Life
IHD Life IT/Зв'язок
IHDLife headquartered in Geneva, is a country-driven, results-oriented, social impact, multi-partner organisation oriented towards innovative healthcare delivery supporting developing and developed national healthcare systems to achieve an agenda for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3) towards health for all.
Lab Assist Zimbabwe
Lab Assist Zimbabwe Науковий
Lab Assist Zimbabwe was established as a supplier of all laboratory equipment, chemicals, and reagents to Clinical Laboratories, Universities, and Schools.
Why using Odoo?
The need for proper inventory management
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Soltam Steel (Pvt) Ltd
Soltam Steel (Pvt) Ltd Виробництво
About Soltam Steel
Soltam Steel has its roots in manufacturing, with value addition to raw materials they import. This involves the manufacturing of seamless Gutters (industrial and home), palisades fencing, window frames, door frames, metal cabinets, burglar screens, gate panels, sliding and butterfly gates, garage doors, steel doors, birds laying nests, tobacco curing pipes plus other customer purpose made products
Why using Odoo?
The need to track the Manufacturing process and proper inventory management
Manufacturing, Field Service, Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, CRM, Projects