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Allaeldin market
Allaeldin market All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
ِAladdin Super Markets, we have been on a mission to deliver the finest quality of food & household goods for African families to enjoy the benefits of healthy living with freshness and world-class services. Our retail chain is named �Aladdin Markets�, birthed out from its Arabic origin, and so do the leadership.

At Aladdin Markets, we aim to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience delivering quality, ease, and convenience in every step and for the best prices in the markets we operate. We take our customers needs very seriously, serving them all the way by selling exclusive and selective ranges of products with a great variety of iconic brands that are excitingly brand new to the African markets.

As today's retail and food market continue to develop, we believe that the African people are already redefining value and convenience as they change the way they shop and adopt new technologies. To match this, we have also developed this mobile app �Aladdin�s Genie� to introduce our concept of a loyalty program aimed at providing the best shopping experience.

We aim to be a trendsetter of the food & grocery retail industry in Africa by earning the No.1 position in the niche retail sector of the region we operate in.