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Knjaz Miloš-Natura d.o.o.
Knjaz Miloš-Natura d.o.o. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Knjaz Miloš company is among the largest producers of mineral water, soft and energy drinks. Building on its name and more than two centuries of tradition, Knjaz Miloš develops, produces and markets top-quality beverages that give consumers the feeling of vitality, refreshment and energy every day. Successful business operations are what allows Knjaz Miloš company to develop a leading position on the local and regional market, creating a better future for the community and an environment in which needs and expectations of consumers, employees and social community are the source of development ideas. By continuing to invest in new technologies and innovations and by maintaining the high quality of its products with continuous design improvement, by employing young professionals, by training and educating its employees, Knjaz Miloš invests in the culture of leadership and prudent business practices. Knjaz Miloš builds the consumer trust by selling quality products and its diverse production program is expanded and changed every day to keep up with trends in domestic and foreign markets and create the taste of new generations.