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Albagame All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
A unique combination of two names, “Albania plus Game” brought to life one of the most unique brands in our country. AlbaGame started as a very small business with just one shop during those times when we should go to a store to rent a movie or buy videogames. Now they have become the leading and the biggest company in Albania that distribute physical and digital games. They have grown their company in four locations with a huge warehouse that supports their operations. Need to be said that their Co-founder, now the Ceo of the company has had always a passion for music, movies and games. Since in his beginnings he wanted to create something that will bring people the best part of the day. He is a true Leader and has created a unique, highly motivated group of staff that are moving the company forward.

As the company was moving to the age of digitalization was clear that the local accounting software that they were using was not able to fulfil all their needs. They were ready to advance and create a very organized workflow, but the software was not supporting their cause. When we first meet them, we were very welcomed by their Ceo and Cfo. As per our approach we went there with a dedicated demo related to their company, so we could show them an all in one solution that will bring to life their ideas and fulfil their needs in a professional way. We wanted to let them know how a powerful platform like Odoo will push the company forward and affect the leadership and all the operations in Albagame.

As we agreed, the “spoc” (Cfo) of the projects has made a huge difference cause she is highly professional and used to test Odoo a lot of months before we agreed to work together. From Pos, sales,purchase,accounting till to inventory, ecommerce ect, everything is moving to Odoo. Our staff was very excited for this project cause we used to grow up with the brand and everyone had a memory in their shop when we used to rent a movie or buy a video game. We are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support AlbaGame for every need.
ExtraBis All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Extrabis is founded from an Albanian that has been living in Ireland for years. After studying and working there and gaining experience from working for a big brand like PortWest that produce workwear he decided to come back at his home land and bring what he learned. This is how Extrabis was born. With a vision to bring to Albanian market the best brands for workwear and offer companies here security and high standard products.

They have started in Albania and expanded rapidly their operations in Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece with the same approach as operating in main location by making Extrabis the leading company for workwear in our region.

When we got in touch they were using an old local accounting software to manage their finances. Their Ceo/Founder is a highly motivated individual and from his desire to move things forward and embrace new technology was clear that with the expansion of the company was impossible to move forward and reach new heights without a proper ERP. Same time they knew Odoo in general but mostly the community edition. As per our approach we proposed an all in one solution with variety of Odoo apps on enterprise version for all of their departments regarding their work structure. They agreed to move forward and implement Odoo step by step at all their locations.

What a positive spirit they have as a team and a rare approach for work which is not common in our market. An European way of working and treating business by giving their staff the opportunity to be part of something bigger. When you sit with them you understand that the work culture they have created is to keep things simple and focus on proper work. Enkeled is a role model as a CEO and he has a clear picture from where he has started and where he is going as he understand that business path is not a location but a transition. We are extremely happy to be along them during their journey and support their day to day operation with Odoo.
Klimateknika All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Is an Albanian company founded in 2000, with 100% Albanian capital, which operates in the HVAC systems field. Initially, the company’s activity has been in the marketing of various materials for ventilation and air conditioning. With increasing demand from customers, the company has been developing by adopting installations and creating a whole production sector. Klimateknika sh.p.k. designs, implements and maintains heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning and solar thermal systems, including civil and industrial applications, in line with the Albanian and European energy efficiency standards. In its beginnings, the company has implemented Fuji Electric’s air conditioning systems and Casals for ventilation equipment. Based on the most advanced technology and with the skilled staff of experienced engineers, it is available not only for the Albanian market but also abroad for the installation of HVAC systems and accessories production.
Klimateknika is one of the largest companies in the country in the sale and distribution of air conditioners and parts. Klimateknika contacted us at a time when they were disappointed with the use of 2 software, one for sales and distribution and one for accounting. The entire company trusted us and internal management through Odoo.
Based on our previous experiences with the implementation of Odoo in large companies, we immediately started working with them, divided into several stages: We listened to their requests according to all departments, worked to develop the requests in accordance with their needs and implemented the system in successfully.Today Klimateknika is working only with Odoo to manage all the processes of the company. We listened to the client's requests, we adapted them according to their needs and through the cooperation of the employees we managed to successfully implement Odoo in their company.Today they are one of our successful references, they refer Master IT as a company that has helped them achieve their goal