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Almac Imports Inc.
Almac Imports Inc. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Almac designs, manufactures and distributes wholesale baskets, boxes and packaging supplies. Over the last 57 years, they have been delighting their 5,000 customers in the food-service, floral, gift basket and grocery industries across North America. The team at OBS Solutions Inc. was responsible for migrating this complex multi-lingual, multi-currency, international business, that deals with some of the most demanding blue-chip clients, over to Odoo. Reducing them from 10 legacy systems to 1 fully integrated Odoo instance.
Electra Meccanica
Electra Meccanica All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of electrically-powered microcars headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.
FIT Hardware Solutions Inc.
FIT Hardware Solutions Inc. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio

Spécialistes en quincaillerie de portes et fenêtres, nous assurons un approvisionnement adapté à la réalité d’affaires des fabricants d’ici. Notre approche unique permet à nos clients de bénéficier d’un service clés en main hautement personnalisé, d’un accès rapide à un vaste inventaire et d’un contrôle inégalé sur la gestion de leur approvisionnement.

Specialists in door and window hardware, we ensure a supply adapted to the business reality of Canadian manufacturers. Our unique approach allows our customers to benefit from a highly personalized turnkey service, quick access to a large inventory and unparalleled control over the management of their supply.
GCL Diesel
GCL Diesel All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
GCL Diesel has been building customer relationships for over 40 years. We are one of North America’s premier diesel service companies.
Intellimix Corp.
Intellimix Corp. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Intellimix is an award winning Canadian distribution company servicing the Audio, Lighting and Recording industry. They represent state of the art Brands for the Arena, Club, Theater, Contractor and Touring markets. Customers' satisfaction is their number 1 priority.

Intellimix est une compagnie de distribution canadienne, mainte fois recompensée, au service de l'industrie de du disque, le l'Audio et de l'Éclairage.
Elle représente des marques à la fine pointe de la technologie pour les marchés des Arena, clubs, théatres et tournées. La satisfaction de leur client est leur priorité.
MW Natural Products Ltd.
MW Natural Products Ltd. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
From deli to dairy, our shelves are packed with organic, locally-sourced, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, supplements, body and home care products. We strive to provide the highest standard of products for our customers, supporting the fair trade, local...
Qualifirst Foods Ltd.
Qualifirst Foods Ltd. All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
The Kitchen Canada es una cocina multifuncional y de vanguardia que se encuentra convenientemente ubicada cerca de las principales intersecciones y el transporte público. Este es el lugar donde los chefs pueden innovar y experimentar y donde los invitados pueden interactuar y motivarse.
Rack King Ltd
Rack King Ltd All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Racking provides optimized warehouse storage solutions, shelving systems in stock for shop fitting, retail stores, light manufacturing, and distribution. We carefully analyzed Racking to pinpoint areas of improvement and provide custom solutions. We helped to refine areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. We implemented a hosting solution through OERP cloud. Additionally, we assisted with data migration into Odoo from previous software, and managing operations for multiple companies. Furthermore, we implemented custom modules, and additional security and data privacy measures. We provided training sessions and ongoing comprehensive technical support.
TDot Performance
TDot Performance All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
This client is the only certified retailer of OEM and aftermarket auto parts in their country. They aim to offer quality performance parts at a fair price, without having to worry about brokerage fees or customs duties. With our Odoo ERP development, Brainvire has improved their efficiency in managing orders.
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Distributor and manufacturer of firefighting equipment in Canada
blsolutions.ca All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Your exclusive Canadian firearm wholesale distributor.