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Cazedis established in 2009, is a Purchase and Product development office dedicated to Furniture and Decoration for major DIY/Furniture/Decoration retailers all over the world. Our management team combines 25 years of experience of China factory management, furniture's production & supply chain developed in multi-billion dollar leading firms on their respective markets.

Cazedis 成立于 2009 年,是一家专门为全球主要 DIY/家具/装饰零售商提供家具和装饰的采购和产品开发办公室。我们的管理团队结合了 25 年在中国工厂管理、家具生产和供应链方面的经验,这些经验是在各自市场上价值数十亿美元的领先公司中开发的。
Cat Is Cat Limited
Cat Is Cat Limited All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
"Cat is Cat” is an online shop that specializes in providing high-quality cat products to customers throughout Hong Kong. As the largest seller of cat products in the city, “Cat is Cat” has established a reputation for excellence and reliability. With three physical locations in Hong Kong, customers can easily access their wide range of products and services.

Recently, “Cat is Cat” has partnered with Asta to implement a new POS system and revamp their online store. This partnership will allow “Cat is Cat” to better serve their customers by providing a more seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. In addition to renewing their website, we are also helping them develop an inventory system and warehouse system to better manage their operations.

In addition to providing top-quality products and services, “Cat is Cat” is also committed to giving back to the community. A portion of their profits is donated to the “Cats of the World Welfare Fund” to assist cats in need. This fund helps provide food and shelter for cats who would otherwise go without.
Nixon Enterprises Ltd
Nixon Enterprises Ltd All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Nixon produit et distribue des machines et accessoires de réparation de smartphones et tablettes. Leur procédé révolutionnaire remplace les écrans de manière autonome.
Odoo les aide à améliorer leurs processus de distribution de produits, la gestion de stock centralisée ainsi que la fabrication et la comptabilité.
Hong Kong supermodel Qi Qi has recently launched her new jewellery brand, QQM, a collaboration between her and gem expert Michael Shum.

They are looking for a system which is able to manage your Jewellery store easily with the help of this module. From Purchase, reception, sales, Delivery, Customer invoices, Supplier Invoices. The Master Data management feature of Odoo helps the investor to be well equipped to manage customer relations, product management and other tasks. Master data stores all details of the customers, including address, location and purchase trend. Details on the use of different materials, including metal, gold, and gemstone, can be managed with Master Data.