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AL INTILAQ FOR MEDICAL SUPPLIES is a medical supplies company providing medical centers and dentists with teeth implants of specific size and dimension as per the patient specific tooth size.
ALSharq City Eye Center
ALSharq City Eye Center All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
مركز مدينة الشرق للعيون المركز الأول والأكبر الذي يختص بطبّ وجراحة العيون في الزرقاء والمفرق وجرش، وذلك باستخدام أحدث التقنيات والأجهزة الطبية العالمية لتشخيص أمراض العيون واجراء كافة العمليات الطبية والتجميلية للعيون تحت إشراف كادر طبي مؤهل من ذوي الخبرة والكفاءة العالية ضمن عيادات متخصصة في طب وجراحة العيون..
Acadia For Medical & Office Supplies
Acadia For Medical & Office Supplies All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Founded in 2022, Acadia is a growing SME specialized and working in the trade of durable medical equipment, office supplies, and logistic & construction materials in Amman - Jordan.
AlHafez Group for Investment & Trade
AlHafez Group for Investment & Trade All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Al-Hafez name has been synonymous with high quality home appliances for decades. With over 50 years of experience in the market in Jordan under their premium brand name National Electric which specializes in the manufacture of home appliances including refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and liquid.
Cuddly Mumz
Cuddly Mumz All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Professional babies and kids clothing store. Our job is to provide moms high quality and trendy clothes made with love and build a great shopping experience.
Ishaq Al Akhras
Ishaq Al Akhras All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Ishaq Al Akhras is a supermarket in Aqaba Jordan.
Kamal Abbassi & Sons Co. (JETEE)
Kamal Abbassi & Sons Co. (JETEE) All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
An ISO 9001 certified leading company for life safety and high technology systems, established in Amman – Jordan in 1981.
With almost 30 years of impressive experience; their vision, goals, and policies are ever-growing with the aim of providing the best & latest safety & security systems to the Jordanian market which are professionally delivered by a highly qualified team to supply, install and maintain these systems.
They have expanded their services to the growing number of clients to meet their demands through excellent combination packages of competitive prices, high technology, quality products, follow-up, and service.
Modern Scientific Supplies
Modern Scientific Supplies All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Modern Scientific Supplies (MSS) is a Jordanian distributor for Scientific, Laboratory Instruments, Environmental Equipment and Industrial Machiner-ies, providing quality service since 1997. Today with 20+ qualified employees, they are leaders in supplying and maintaining the superior equipment they offer.They sell and support specialized equipments from top manufacturers such Lauda, Garhardt, Perten, Selverson, Memmert, Netzsch, Lauda Scientific, Labconco, as regional agents in the Middle East.

Odoo Solution included CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchasing and Invoicing as the main applications which increase the productivity for the sales team, and improved the management of customer’s and vendors relations. Odoo organized the submittal of tenders and followup on important tasks for the team.

Ozey Home
Ozey Home All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Ozey home is based in Jordan. They are specialized in babies’ and Kids’ room furniture and accessories.
they care about providing modern first-class quality pieces. they aim to widespread their elite and affordable decorum.
The Cake Shop
The Cake Shop All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
The "Cake Shop" is a popular Jordanian brand that started as a small family business in 2010. They aim to provide a variety of delicious high-quality Eastern & Western sweets & food to satisfy people with good taste and to serve their customers on all occasions.
Initially, they decorated cakes at home and sold them directly to customers. As their popularity grew, they opened their first small shop in Abdoun, which became very well-known. Later, they opened a second branch in Dabouq, known as The Barbie House, because of its unique pink and flower decorations. They also expanded their services to include cafes and restaurants.
Due to their hard work and perseverance, they now have six branches and continue to expand to other areas in Jordan.
The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export L.L.C
The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export L.L.C All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Mr. Zakaria Al Hakeem, a hard working man whose passion for spreading popular culture lead him in 2017 to start up 'The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export,' an import and wholesale distributive company with the purpose of spreading officially licensed entertainment merchandise and Pop culture collectibles and currently located in Amman-Jordan.
Mr. Zakaria wants to share his passion and reach out to fans of popular culture from both genders between the ages of + 11 to + 35, or as he calls them, "the young and young at heart." He wishes to meet and connect with society's enthusiastic devotee's who are fervent about the perpetual and unceasing multimedia entertainment categories such as -according to him - but not limited to: Blockbusters, Sci-Fi, Marvel & DC Cinematics, Anime & Manga, Video Games, TV series, Comic Books...etc.
UBCC All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Established in 1995, University Book Centers Company (UBCC) in its first phase became Jordan's leading provider of academic books in the English Language. Our company serves the needs of dozens of universities, colleges and educational institutions throughout Jordan. Our customer base includes students, university professors, academics, professionals, librarians, booksellers as well as individuals with diverse interests. Later on UBCC expanded its efforts to work through all sorts of books. Now we are providing several schools and trade book retailers through building on our wide network of suppliers and well established services.
United Enterprises For Fruits & Vegetables Trading LLC
United Enterprises For Fruits & Vegetables Trading LLC All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
Green Valley Enterprises for Fruits & Vegetables LLC, is UAE based business, working in the field of importing and exporting, catering and marketing high quality fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Extended from the family business founded in 1950, Green Valley draws on the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years of presence in the market, with over 100 staff members. Through the years we have expanded to serve as the supplier of particularly exquisite products to markets abroad in the Arabian Gulf and several European countries.