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Al-Awees Fabrication
شركة الاويس للتجارة العامة والمقاولات وخدمات الثروة الحيوانية
تاسست في بغداد عام 2011 تعمل بعدت نشاطات تجارية وخدمية و توريد خدمات الطعام و خدمات الثروات الحيوانية
Delta Cement Sulaymaniyah
Delta Cement Sulaymaniyah Fabrication
Delta Cement is a cement production company with capacity of 2 mpta based in Bazian, Sulaymaniyah Iraq. The plant was officially opened on October 2014.
Halabja Group
15 Projects | 7 Companies | 5 Factories | 13 Trading Departments

Halabja Group of Companies for Contracting & General Trading, Ltd. was founded in 2006 by Mr. Aso Mohammed Ali Bamoki, Halabja group is a consolidated multi-sector group of companies that has been operational in Iraq since the 1980s. The headquarter is in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the company has branches in Baghdad, Erbil, Basra, Duhok, and Zakho as well as overseas offices in the UAE, Turkey, and China.

Halabja group is operational in the construction, real estate, telecoms, general trading, building materials, agriculture, education, banking, and retail sectors. to advance the parts that the company operates in, by investing in developing human capacity, the latest technology, and modern business practices, as well as the commitment to strong work ethics.

Halabja group also believes that the demands and requirements of customers and partners should not come at the cost of the environment, which is why environmental conservation and development is considered highly in all projects and business that the company invested. With the guiding principle of “for people and the environment” Halabja Group has mobilized its assets to support the economic infrastructure of the country in the time of increasing employment local labor market.
Jawahar Alena Company
Jawahar Alena Company Fabrication
Jawharat Aleahyn FZE was formed in 1996 , the formation of the company was a shift from the original trading company which was established over 25 years ago to a new era specalizing in Multinational Brands FMCG. What we do.Our business is national distribution of FMCG specalizing in premier Multinational Brands.
Moroj AlZomorod Company for trading and manufacturing of Packaging Materials.
Moroj AlZomorod Company for trading and manufacturing of Packaging Materials. Fabrication
Moroj Al-Zomorod
Established In 1972, NHPCo started production of plastic household articles. Reaching 11 machines capacity from 100 grams to 6 kg machines.
In the year 2000 we started exploring PET preforms production and were the first to interduce PET preforms to the Iraqi market.
In 2006 new machinery from Husky were purchased. The brand NIMAFORM was established.
With the aim to supply the main Brand bottlers. By 2010 we achieved PEPSICO approval and became (and still are) the main supplier to PepsiCo Bottlers in Iraq.
Our success is due to the main aim of NIMAFORM to produce quality products. We achieved that by purchasing all required testing equipment to examine the quality of our preforms. AA and IV test are performed on samples of every batch daily.
Recently a state-of-the-art vision system was installed to further insure the quality of every preform and make sure that each preform reach our customers is tested and within the required specifications
We believe that to maintain success we must assure our clients the quality of products.

Rovian Company
Rovian Company Fabrication
Rovian mineral water bottling plant is located in the northern Iraq- Kurdistan region. This area is well known for its natural springs coming from the mountain ranges of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Most of these springs are ideal for natural mineral water. With its pleasant climate, it makes it an area ideal for fruit and other agricultural products.
Sulaimani Steel
Sulaimani Steel Fabrication
Sulaimani Steel Company
The idea of establishing Sulaimani Steel Company started in 2012 intending to create and manufacture all kinds of construction steel rebar following American and British standards. Sulaimani Steel Company construction was completed and started production in 2015 despite all the difficult circumstances in the Kurdistan region and financial crisis in 2015. During the first stage of production, Sulaimani Steel Company’s annual production of all types of steel rebar was 135 thousand tons. In 2018 which was the second stage, the production capacity of the factory has expanded with an annual production increase to 200 thousand tons of steel rebar.
ZalZal Aluminum
ZalZal Aluminum Fabrication
Since 2002 we have been serving with high quality and experienced cadres to provide high quality service in the sector. ZLZL ALUMINUM has achieved a successful project in the sector and will continue its success without compromising quality at any time.
شركة هلال بابل
شركة هلال بابل Fabrication
شـركـة هـلال بـابـل
لإنتاج وصهر الحديد وتدوير مخلفات الحديد المحدودة

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