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Al-Awees Produksi
شركة الاويس للتجارة العامة والمقاولات وخدمات الثروة الحيوانية
تاسست في بغداد عام 2011 تعمل بعدت نشاطات تجارية وخدمية و توريد خدمات الطعام و خدمات الثروات الحيوانية
Delta Cement Sulaymaniyah
Delta Cement Sulaymaniyah Produksi
Delta Cement is a cement production company with capacity of 2 mpta based in Bazian, Sulaymaniyah Iraq. The plant was officially opened on October 2014.
Khazir Bitumen Refinery
Khazir Bitumen Refinery Produksi
Sahel Refinery | Khazer Company for the production and distribution of petroleum products in Northern Iraq / Erbil Road, Mosul / Khazir region

They use Odoo in financial management / liquidation of raw materials and production / human resources / buying / selling / customer relations
Rovian Company
Rovian Company Produksi
Rovian mineral water bottling plant is located in the northern Iraq- Kurdistan region. This area is well known for its natural springs coming from the mountain ranges of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Most of these springs are ideal for natural mineral water. With its pleasant climate, it makes it an area ideal for fruit and other agricultural products.