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Al Deebel Fish Factory
Al Deebel Fish Factory Fabrication
Al Deebel Fish Company W.L.L. one of the largest fish company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Company was formed in 1991.

The Company is certified by the Ministry of Kingdom of Bahrain. We are involved in processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. Our Processing and Cold storage facilities are very good and more capacity of holding fishes inside and cater to the requirements of global markets. We buy fish from the local fishermen through a network of procurement and processing centers all along the coast of Kingdom of Bahrain. Our major source of fish comes from our deep-sea trawler fishing in the Bahraini Waters.

Our country is a member of many environment protection organizations and has won many international awards. There are no nuclear plants or hazardous industries in the country. The government strictly controls pollution and environment measures and the seas are unpolluted.
Our plant has constructed as its facility to meet all the requirements of European Union Directives and US FDA HACCP regulation.
We have major markets in Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Egypt and Middle East countries. We are putting our all efforts and looking to be one of the leading companies in the global markets.
We look forward to conduct business with you at your convenience, and look forward to long mutually profitable and fruitful business relationships.
Al Salam Gas
Al Salam Gas Fabrication
AL-SALAM one of the largest air conditioning & electronics dealer in Bahrain as a specialized company in air conditioning, home appliances , electronics , mobiles , satellites, distribution and piping of cooking gas to domestic homes and restaurants, cylinders re-filling and repairs. In addition, AL-SALAM is a specialized company in maintenance and repair of air conditioners, dryers and washing machines through a workshop backed by an experienced staff who can service all items of various brands.

AL-SALAM has an extensive household products range including Air conditioners, LED and Plasma, flat screens, Smart Phones, Washing Machine, Refrigerators, Freezers, built-in Kitchens Appliances, Cookers Range, Gas & Electric Ovens, Dryers, Dishwashers, Air Filters, small home & kitchen appliances, and more. AL-SALAM offer more than 11,000 electronic products and accessories to choose from reputed international brands such as:

Alhassan Group
Alhassan Group Fabrication
Family-owned Real Estate Firm to manage all family properties from centralized office in Kingdom of Seef/Bahrain managed by local expert team. Al-hassan Group has manage many types of properties under its portfolio like commercial, residential , villa's and SP projects.
Aljaser Factory Company
Aljaser Factory Company Fabrication
From the land of Bahrain “DELMON; Land of Mortality” to all GCC countries, we are proud that since 1978 till today we continue working in the field of refreshing healthy herbal waters which varies in more than 25 healthy natural chemicals-free products. All of this and more comes in line with our strong belief of ancient medicine books retrieved from Prophet Mohammed’s directives in using herbs as cure.
BELL Racing Helmets Int'l WLL
BELL Racing Helmets Int'l WLL Fabrication
Bell exists to inspire and enable the next generation of boundary breakers.
Is is built from auto racing, motorcycle, and bicycle culture. We don’t just make helmets; we make possibilities. Born in a garage. fueled by grease and will. guided by pure intent to encourage the world to live, ride, drive and thrive. Hand-in-hand with the world’s best drivers and riders, bell continues to enable the world’s best to be their best … As it always has.
Body Jar Cosmetics Manufacture
Body Jar Cosmetics Manufacture Fabrication
Body Jar

We create healthy body care routine for all who care for their body and love to start their day with freshness or end it with softness.
Ceramica Delmon Co. W.L.L. was established in 1997. Ceramica Delmon within a short span of years inevitably proved itself as one of the largest tiles and bath-ware supplier in Bahrain.

Since the establishment of Ceramica Delmon the marketing position of the brand has been directly perceived with providing high quality products with competitive prices for all of the market segments.

Ceramica Delmon has been known for providing wild range of wall/floor tiles, glazed porcelain, marbles and sanitary wares with multiple sizes. As a retailer and a supplier in the same time, one of the main priorities for Ceramica delmon is to import and select the most suitable products that align with our customers’ requirements and taste from UAE, Oman, KSA, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Korea, India, and Indonesia.
Dome Natural Stone
Dome Natural Stone Fabrication
An Individual Establishment began at 2013, its main business with Supply & fix of Marble / Stone / Granite for Interior, Exterior & garden Design.
I Cabinate
I Cabinate Fabrication
A national furniture line production factory firm is established with a solid foundation, with a high level of proficiency in the modern furniture of both homes and buildings. iCabinets provides expertise to reach the expectation of a high level interior design beyond the customer and investor mind, from acquisition, design and unique ideas through mind storming and designing to manufacturing to piece of furniture art placed in your home.

Our continued success is the result of our attention to detail, commitment to quality and to the owners’ needs regarding design, time-frame, and budget.
Malkai Trading
Malkai Trading Fabrication
Maklai Trading is a division of one of Bahrain's largest and oldest family run companies in the trading and construction sectors, with a core focus in import and distribution of building materials, plumbing and sanitary ware.Maklai was incorporated and led by the late Mr. Abdulla Hashim Maklai in 1910 and is presently led by second generation Mr. Yaqoob Abdulla Hashim Maklai.
Murooj Al Muharraq
Murooj Al Muharraq Fabrication
Murooj Al Muharraq Sweets is the first Oriental sweet maker in Bahrain, opening its doors in 1982. For over 30+ years, we have been preparing delicious, all-natural sweet and savory foods baked fresh daily in 5 branches across The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Since our inception, Murooj Al Muharraq Sweets have relied on skilled and professional staff to produce our wide range of freshly baked products. we specialize in creating the finest regional delicacies based on Bahrain local sweets. Long considered a local pioneer in the Eastern sweet- we offer a diverse range of products like Bahraini halwa in red , green and yellow.
Oilfield & Technical Supplies Center W.L.L
Oilfield & Technical Supplies Center W.L.L Fabrication

We pride ourselves in being “A Complete Shop” equipped with defined management policies and procedures in each of its operations. Our team of dedicated professionals, ready to cater any customer requirement with professionalism. Our success and growth is the proof of the trust and confidence our customers have in our operations.
Plastico Bahrain W. L. L
Plastico Bahrain W. L. L Fabrication
Plastico Barain have a state of the art workshop that operates at maximum efficiency. We use some of the best equipment and specialists in the field, which ensures quality and reliability in all of our pipes works. We are now capable of providing our services to all our clients, irrespective of the size or make of the pipes products. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the rusted names in the plastic industry in the country. We come highly recommended by our suppliers, manufacturers, traders etc.
Wadi Al Salam Factory
Wadi Al Salam Factory Fabrication
Wadi Alsalam was established in 2009. The main core of the production is in Tissue, Plastic and Soap. And our main flagship brands of Huroof and Arkaam.
Wadi Alsalam factory produce and distribute a wide range of Tissue and our main production is Hygienic Facial Tissue. Recently, and part of continues development process, we have started producing a high quality Soap with a different flavors for home use. And also special a hand soap for hotels needs which we beautifully shaped it either squire or circle in different sizes which is customized as per the customer request. At the same period we have manufacturing a transparent plastic cup which especially for hot and cold drinks. We do concern our products are eco-friendly, safe smell less, beautiful appearance and high quality. Continuing to the development process we have started white and brown sugar packing which packed in small bags especially for restaurants and coffee shops.

Wadi Alsalam shows the flexibility of its production, proven by production design, shape, and quantity and delivery time as per the customer request and that gave our customers the specialties in of their brands which printed on their Tissue box’s which promoted in the supermarkets. And the commercial establishments, governments sectors and health centers also print their brands on our products which kept in their offices and centers. No exceptional for restaurants and café shops from branding their products as like plastic cups, sugar bags and refreshment wipes.

Also we have signed a distribution and international agencies for providing a home products as like cleaning tools, kitchen items and more. At the same time we are trading in cooking oil, sweet water other staff.