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4fest Fabrication
4F.E.S.T. is a leading company providing production services. Over the years in this field, the company has acquired a distinctive reputation for providing the best services from digital fabrication, construction, carpentry, installation, interior, and exterior signage, wide format printing, trade shows, and interior fit-outs services.
We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Point of sale & Inventory & Purchases & Manufacture & MPL &Delivery Management & Accounting.
Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L
Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L Fabrication
Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. W.L.L is a privately-owned company established in 1997 in Kuwait. BCI manufactures laundry cleaning supplies and plastic. Since our foundation, we have grown to become the main distributor of cleaning, chemical products, and machinery of over 1,000 laundries in Kuwait and GCC countries.

Our products are made for mass distribution and can be custom-created. We are proud of our innovation and commitment to the environment by producing biodegradable plastic. In addition, Al Barrak Chemical & Industrial Services Co. offers a range of machine supply, maintenance, and care.

Through our established warehouse facilities, we also offer unrivaled material handling expertise and logistical capabilities to meet our clients’ specific needs. BCI guarantees the safe, professional, and competent handling of all our products. Al Barrak Chemical Industry values innovation, growth, and client satisfaction.
Al Waseet
Al Waseet Fabrication
Alwaseet plastic factory

Alwaseet Plastic factory is a leading speciality plastic company based in Kuwait. It is an established company on the global market. Their primary expertise lies in producing, developing and marketing plastics.

Kuwait Protocol implemented a Customer Centric dashboard for Alwaseet and customized it according to their needs and requirements with a lot of features and functionalities.

The integration of the Odoo version 15 allowed them to consolidate and manage multiple sales teams, their leads, opportunities, sale quotations and meeting schedules by reports & flow charts. On another hand, cloud hosting made it easy for managers to access important information on the go and while abroad and make timely and informed decisions.
Al-Dousari Fabrication
Dousari Group is a Kuwait company founded in 1994 as a leading Engineering, Contractor, manufacturer & installation of architectural facades, providing high-quality architectural building products for engineers, architects, designers & building owners, Al-Dousari Group has set its brand name as architectural façade specialist. Our bespoke designs are created to suit our client’s requirements implementing the highest standard and achieving the highest level of quality.
We are implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle : Inventory & Purchase & Sales & POS & Accounting & Manufacture & Employee & Time Off & Payroll & Recruitment and Appraisal
Almazyad Fabrics
Almazyad Fabrics Fabrication
Mazyad fabrics Company is a company specialized in providing men's fabrics and its trademark is registered in the State of Kuwait. The company has a vision to open many branches in all the Arab Gulf countries. The company's policy is based on trust, clarity and credibility, and this is what distinguishes us.
Baitak Cement
Baitak Cement Fabrication
Baitak Cement is a part of Gulf Nations for Construction Materials Company and is engaged in the manufacturing and production of OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and SRC (Sulfate Resistant Cement). Plant is designed and equipped by FLSmidth with the most advanced technology to maintain quality in compliance with local and international standards.

Kuwait protocol has done a full implementation of the Odoo ERP system with the customizations of their core modules in sales, accounting, manufacturing, credit note generation, department wise PR requests, purchase comparison sheet, different levels of approvals, inventory costing and so on. The ERP has been configured and customized fully to meet the requirements of the Cement Plant.
DECO-T Factory
DECO-T Factory Fabrication
Deco - T is a company specializing in interior design and decoration. They also have a division which focuses on the design, supply, and installation of advertisement sign boards in addition to minor architectural works.
Design HUB
Design HUB Fabrication
Design hub company is a manufacturing company based in Kuwait. Design hub company has two production lines that is specialized in customized wooden furniture designs and wall decorative printings that inspire every home.

The company sells high-quality products and creative designs, produced and executed by a professional team. Design hub company serves B2B, B2C, and any other sector.

As walnut we have utilized the max of odoo addons required (CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory) to automate their processes.
Faisal Al Mulla Elevator Company
Faisal Al Mulla Elevator Company Fabrication
From a humble beginning in 1982, Faisal Al Mulla started the first company to offer elevator service and maintenance not restricted by make or model.

We have implemented Odoo to handle: Projects, Accounting, Inventory, Timesheet, Employees, Helpdesk , Purchase, and Sales.
I & L Glass
I & L Glass Fabrication
I&L Factory is a Kuwait based company specialized in selling and installing all types of Flat glass and mirrors We are in I&L factory for glass production We are not only experienced experts in our field, but we also have the raw materials, resources, skilled hands and all other elements used in glass processing.
Laroch Fabrication
Industry: Manufacturing
Products: Shaving Razors

Laroch is a company specialized in manufacturing shaving razors and blades since 1999. Laroch is the leading razors and blades manufacturer in the Gulf and Arab countries. The company exports products of blades and razors all over the region. Plennix Technologies implemented a full Odoo ERP system integrating all the company processes & workflows. The implemented modules were: Accounting, Sales, Inventory Management, Purchase management. Human Resources management, Manufacturing, Maintenance, PLM, Quality. The system managed to code & control the company products list with a wide range of variations & special cases. It managed to systematic the manufacturing cycle with its sophisticated details, operations & work orders.
Layan Industries
Layan Industries Fabrication
A team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. One of their key products is “Layan’s face masks” which are GMP certified. With Hypoallergenic masks, that have high filtration capacity and superior protection. The masks are free of fiber glass and have other features, with the purpose of growing in Kuwait face mask industries.
Their Challenges: Layan industry serves two markets the B2B and B2C. Moreover, it serves different form of products, which means different prices too. Those factors created a few challenges that required an Odoo Gold partner in Kuwait to help install Odoo
Azkatech, the official Odoo partner in Kuwait and Odoo gold partner in Lebanon helped in defining their manufacturing processes on top of Odoo MRP in addition to accounting, invoicing, sales, purchase, inventory, POS, Website, E-commerce, Kuwait payroll system, attendance and time-off programs.
Another important key point was the Kuwait payroll system to be fully integrated in Odoo. Many has struggled with the complexity of the Kuwait payroll system and Kuwait HR system. Azkatech customized Odoo HR and Odoo payroll to fill the Kuwait payroll system and grow with the Kuwait face mask industries.
Nor Noyau
Nor Noyau Fabrication
NorNoyau has carved a strong niche for itself in the luxury chocolate segment. It was established in 2008 as a bakery supplying chocolate products to clients. Today, they have grown to become a unique catering company that excels with a high quality of production and hygiene standards. Their specialties include Catering, Chocolates, Pastry, and Bakery.

Their Challenge - The many limitations they faced with the previous odoo integration. Refine areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. Make effective location management with multiple warehouses. Automating work order configurations.

Kuwait Protocol, the official Odoo partner, helped them by carefully analyzing NorNoyau’s business to pinpoint areas of improvement.
Integrating Odoo version 14, we effectively managed multiple warehouses, automated work order configs, and provided user-based dashboard customizations. Furthermore, we provided additional security measures to ensure the safety of data.

Sahara United Carpentry Co.
Sahara United Carpentry Co. Fabrication
Sahara United Carpentry Company is a reputable company in Kuwait that provides customized furniture. It is engaged in undertaking various projects that cater to the market requirements in the areas of wood, metal & glass work. It provides tailored and creative solutions to several bespoke projects.

Sahara United Carpentry Company’s line of work includes:
Fire-rated Doors
Metal working
Painting & Finishing
Creative Designing Services

MicroSolutions’ Odoo implementation: Manufacturing, Quality, Accounting, Invoicing, Pre-Purchase, Purchase, Pre-Sales, Sales
Wataniya Sponge Co.
Wataniya Sponge Co. Fabrication

WATANIYA SPONGE COMPANY is located in Shuaiba, Kuwait and is part of the Rubber Product Manufacturing Industry. WATANIYA SPONGE COMPANY has 150 employees at this location and generates $20.98 million in sales (USD). (Employees figure is estimated, Sales figure is modeled).

WATANIYA SPONGE COMPANY is one of the finest types of mattresses and raw materials used in the industry in Kuwait, characterized by comfort and superior quality.

We offer you the finest types of mattresses, medical mattresses, pillows, sofas, and chairs.

Do not hesitate to inquire and we will be happy to meet all your needs as soon as possible.

We promise for permanent and renewed offers to suit all tastes and desires in everything related to the manufacture of sponge upholstery in the State of Kuwait, you will find with us.
Wooden House Co.
Wooden House Co. Fabrication
Wooden House for Furniture and Decoration was established in 1984 as a specialized company in the field of carpentry and decoration. It was distinguished in manufacturing its products locally providing them to clients in high quality and international measures.
The Wooden House Company was established by managerial Kuwaiti personnel. Since then, our management has been keen to recruit specialized employees in the field of manufacturing furniture as well as to equip our factories with the latest in equipment’s and machines to keep up with the international industry of this field.
We are implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Point of sale & Inventory & Purchases & Manufacture & sales and Accounting & Employee & Attendance & Time Off and Payroll.