Akiki's S.A.R.L
Akiki's S.A.R.L 批发/零售
Akiki’s Cigars is one of the top tobacco and cigar reseller in Lebanon, with a company that includes several subsidiaries and works on imports, exports, and more.

Being a company with several subsidiaries, Akiki’s faced difficulties organizing and accessing documents with multiple roles and permissions for each of their departments.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Plennix Technologies, Akiki’s implemented a full document management system covering all of their scope of work.
The solution was customized into detailed areas to equip the company with full control, along with a multitude of options and features that help employees browse through their documents and track their source location.
The document management and CRM solutions encouraged a modern and paperless approach,with the ability to maximize productivity and save time on outdated processes.
Al Fundok
Al Fundok 批发/零售
From the old school run by the Salvatorian nuns, Al Fundok kept the mission of a community project run by a non-profit foundation. This beautiful hotel is nestled in the heart of Maasser el-Shouf, a village labeled one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Lebanon".
Brescia Middle East
Brescia Middle East 批发/零售
A leader in the Middle East market and a station for all professionals hunters, Brescia Middle East was founded in 1981 by Mr. Joseph Abi Saab; the company is specialized in importing and exporting hunting guns and related ammunition. Named after the Italian city Brescia, the company is divided into Brescia distribution, Retail, Factory and Used arms division.

Their Challenge: Having several divisions increased the overhead and manual work. Thus, they needed to replace the outdated system they have into a new one that manages all the business functions from one single place. Adding to that, the new needed system shall be an open-source to allow the integration with HubSpot and Mailchimp for their marketing ; thus, Odoo ERP is the solution.

Azkatech, the Odoo MENA gold partner implemented Odoo to address the local purchase, import and export procedures of Brescia along with the B2B Selling procedure. This new unified solution following international standard for different industries, enables BME to manage all their business functions from a single place also implementing new modules that will help them in increasing their revenues and getting accurate data from each department.
Cyberity offers Security systems that are able to keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site, you and your workforce can have total peace of mind about exactly what is going on under your roof.
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Dar El Kotob (53Dots)
Dar El Kotob (53Dots) 批发/零售
Since 53Dots was founded in 1953, they providing a wide range of high quality personalized printing and packaging services.

Al Jawad software house helped 53Dots to build a B2B platform that allows their customers to place orders and to submit their printable files, the platform will automate some analysis in term of colors and quality of the submitted files, and generate the quotation automatically, once the quotation is approved, odoo is sending the data automatically to their printing software.
Expo Moda
Expo Moda 批发/零售
Expo Moda are a well-known Shopping and Retail business in Lebanon, Tripoli; they manufacture and sell a variety of products for all ages and genders, they are using Odoo now to manage their sales activity through their Stores and eCommerce Platform in addition to managing their Inventory.
Innovative Medical Solutions sal (IMS Medical)
Innovative Medical Solutions sal (IMS Medical) 批发/零售
Innovative Medical Solution - A front line provider of innovative medical technology that serves all the modern medical practices, IMS is trying to equip the Arab word, Middle East and the Western Asia with the most advanced technology and medical equipment that serves in the progress of the modern medicine.

Their Challenges: IMS was working on a local accounting system for the management of its financial operations, the local accounting system doesn’t have the features and the innovations of Odoo ERP module thus, it was hard for the innovative medical solution to manage its operations in all the departments.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: Azkatech prepared an Odoo custom module for IMS called Request for Maintenance, it allows the company easily manage their warranty and costs thus speeding up their operations and minimizing errors.

In addition, it digitized all their processes from the first touch with the client till, purchasing and procurement till delivering to their client.
Kabalan Group
Kabalan Group 批发/零售
Kabalan Home is one of the largest showrooms in Lebanon. Kabalan Homes principal activity features the areas largest selection of home furnishing.
Lamar SARL
Lamar SARL 批发/零售
Lamar is a Jewelry chain in Saudi Arabia with multiple stores in the region. In Lebanon, Lamar SARL sells and trades silver and gold products, with 5 branches across the country.
Lana - Halabi Bookshop
Lana - Halabi Bookshop 批发/零售
Halabi bookshop was founded in Lebanon as a grocery store by the grandfather Hussein Halabi aka Abou Nazmi in 1958;they used to have daily newspapers, weekly magazines and periodicals back then too and started adding books gradually as a hobby and upon general request the collection started to grow. By the end of 2014, Lana Halabi, started helping the father to revive the bookshop, and created their social media pages and started participating in local book markets and street festivals.
MS Equipments
MS Equipments 批发/零售
Working directly with the government, MS equipment specializes in military hardware, accessories & clothing. Located in Lebanon, it provides the army and internal security forces with clothes, body armor, military gloves, scopes, and other accessories they need.
MS Equipment focuses on providing premium products while dealing with renowned international brands. In addition, they create custom-made solutions with the mission to provide their personnel with the highest, most practical gear they can get, believing that in this line of business, it's not luck but training & gear that matters.
Their Challenge:
Looking for a trustworthy Odoo partner, MS Equipment wanted an integrated all-together ERP solution to manage all its processes and replace the manual work with this new solution that will cover the following:
An Accounting module that will replace the old financial solution
An advanced POS system that:
Supports multi-currency rate for each POS against the main currency, along with storing the history of actions on the POS.
Customization of the POS receipt design to be user-friendly and organized.
Enables controlling the content of this receipt.
Using different sales account on hosting the pos transactions for each pos.
Advanced sales report by product variant.
Sales module fully integrated with the CRM, inventory, and accounting, with an advanced reporting part to have a clear analysis for sales, services, margin and revenues.
CRM module to handle all upcoming leads efficiently along with related tasks
Inventory, Purchase & Quality module that will fulfill the needed requirements from Barcode scanning to managing the different warehouses, into issuing PO with the suppliers fully integrated with the inventory to receive the products.
HR suite to generate payslip in a user-friendly way, and manage other HR-related fields. Along with handling salary structures, working hours, and more integrated with the punching machine found at MS Equipment.
Azkatech handled the Odoo ERP implementation for MS that helped them better manage their work and offer premium products and custom-made solutions to their customers in Lebanon.
Med Surg Solutions
Med Surg Solutions 批发/零售
Having more than 750 clients from all over the GCC and middle east; Med Surg Solutions is a large leading medical solutions company having a strong presence in the Middle East health care community since its establishment in 2003, known for its support of the improvement of the quality of life for patients in the ME. To keep up with the continuous updates in this field MSS seeks to get the latest technological innovations.

Their Challenges: Having more than one branch (Odoo implementation Lebanon, Odoo implementation UAE and Odoo implementation KSA), it was hard for MSS to manage all its branches and have an equal and similar workflow between them from one single place. Another challenge by MSS was the locally implemented solutions. They were tailored for very specific scenario and failed to scale functionalities for a multi-national companies. Odoo was the best fit. An international grade ERP system, general enough yet easily customizable to fit MSS needs.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped MSS: An Odoo customization and Odoo implementation of the below Odoo modules:

- Sales and procurement Suite was heavily customized to fit the needs for medical supply chain and the practices for marketing and selling that kind of products.
- Full HR suite to handle the full cycle of HR from job positions opening till hiring and of course payroll. Taking into account multiple implementations for Odoo Payroll Saudi Arabia and Lebanese Payroll and HR.
Mepco Lebanon S.A.L. (Offshore)
Mepco Lebanon S.A.L. (Offshore) 批发/零售
Mepco is a leading paper and board trader in the Middle East, North Africa and Indian Subcontinent. Achieving a prestigious ranking of 5 among the top 100 SME’s by the agency of the Department of the Economic Development in Dubai (DED) for the years 2011-2012. Positioning itself as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner; Mepco pays special attention to its customers and suppliers, ensuring loyalty and complete transparency.

Their Challenges: Currently using a local accounting system to manage their financial operations with them being found in different locations, they needed a unified system where they can manage all their business functions from one single place. In addition, they needed to keep track of all the automated inventory and procurement operations, accounting and their customer’s information accompanied by different pricelists per customers. Thus, they needed an all-in-one cloud-based solution and Odoo Business Suite was a natural fit.

Azkatech, the Odoo MENA gold partner implemented Odoo ERP all-in-one solution mapped to meet the business needs of Mepco covering four companies in MENA region and India. This ERP software covered business management solutions along with Warehouse and financial management including Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting which supports the Lebanese and American chart of accounts.
Philip Morris Lebanon
Philip Morris Lebanon 批发/零售
Philip Morris Management Services (Middle East) Limited – Lebanon Branch - (PMMS) was established in 2006 in Beirut, Lebanon. PMMS provides marketing services to support Philip Morris International (PMI) brands including Marlboro, Bond, Merit and Chesterfield.

Despite its status as a global organization, Philip Morris’ solutions have not been widely available in markets all across the globe. Locally, there has been a lack of connection to the homegrown purchasing force and customer experiences that tend to reinforce sales.

Solution and added Value:
A dedicated team allocated by Plennix Technologies proceeded to develop a custom and tailored platform on top of Odoo applications, with a process comprising two main verticals:
1- A CRM and marketing automation solution that was launched exclusively for the duty-free market. It consisted of customer conversion journeys from leads and opportunities to local consumers, through analysis of individuals’ activity and purchasing rate.
2- Plennix Technologies worked on the launch of the new IQOS product within only six weeks. The solution encompassed full CRM integrated with eCommerce, POS and customer service for full online integration, in addition to a comprehensively dynamic helpdesk system.
With as little as 10 users, Philip Morris Lebanon was able to upgrade and reach more than 110 satisfied users via their tailored Odoo solution, offering full integration with the global data warehouse business intelligence of Philip Morris International.
Yazbeck Medical
Yazbeck Medical 批发/零售
Yazbeck Medical supplies are using Odoo to mange their full process: Purchasing, Accounting, CRM, Sales, Maintenance, Logistics & Supply chain. Business solution advisors provided the full implementation from data migration & Lebanese accounting rules implementation, to Lebanese Customs pricing implementation. Also Business solution advisors provided Yazbeck Medical Supplies with a full computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that the respect the World Health Organization (WHO) rules and standards.