Al Khalid Group
Al Khalid Group
Founded almost half a century ago by Mishary Al-Khalid, the Al-Khalid Group of Companies is a family business built on a solid foundation of traditional values and modern business practices.
Mishary Al-Khalid is the youngest son of the renowned businessman and visionary – the late Khalid Zaid Al-Khalid – one of the founders of modern Kuwait and a regional pearl merchant in the early 1900s. Mishary, a shrewd and enterprising pioneer in Kuwait’s business community, began his career aside from the family business by establishing an engineering and contracting company, as well as a commercial fishing fleet. These two seemingly disparate concerns were, in fact, a rather appropriate reflection of Kuwait’s seafaring history and its future development into a super-modern metropolis.

The Al-Khalid Family has always worked on the guiding principles of honesty, respect, integrity and genuine concern for the future and these remain the cornerstones of the Al-Khalid Group philosophy today. The Group is still owned and operated by Mishary Al-Khalid, now ably assisted by his sons Khalid and Hazem who hold positions on the Group Board of Directors. As its operations have steadily expanded over the years to include real estate development, manufacturing and retailing, the Al-Khalid Group has earned a reputation for quality, fairness and exceptional customer care. With a multi-million Kuwaiti Dinars annual turnover and more than 800 employees, The Al-Khalid Group has consolidated its position as a respected force in the regional marketplace while remaining steadfast in its belief that every associate, employee and customer becomes an integral part of the Al-Khalid Family and tradition.