Wadi Al Salam Factory
Wadi Al Salam Factory
Wadi Alsalam was established in 2009. The main core of the production is in Tissue, Plastic and Soap. And our main flagship brands of Huroof and Arkaam.
Wadi Alsalam factory produce and distribute a wide range of Tissue and our main production is Hygienic Facial Tissue. Recently, and part of continues development process, we have started producing a high quality Soap with a different flavors for home use. And also special a hand soap for hotels needs which we beautifully shaped it either squire or circle in different sizes which is customized as per the customer request. At the same period we have manufacturing a transparent plastic cup which especially for hot and cold drinks. We do concern our products are eco-friendly, safe smell less, beautiful appearance and high quality. Continuing to the development process we have started white and brown sugar packing which packed in small bags especially for restaurants and coffee shops.

Wadi Alsalam shows the flexibility of its production, proven by production design, shape, and quantity and delivery time as per the customer request and that gave our customers the specialties in of their brands which printed on their Tissue box’s which promoted in the supermarkets. And the commercial establishments, governments sectors and health centers also print their brands on our products which kept in their offices and centers. No exceptional for restaurants and café shops from branding their products as like plastic cups, sugar bags and refreshment wipes.

Also we have signed a distribution and international agencies for providing a home products as like cleaning tools, kitchen items and more. At the same time we are trading in cooking oil, sweet water other staff.