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 Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic
Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic Gesundheit/Soziales
Industry: Healthcare

Services: Dermatology & Aesthetic dermatology

Before implementing Odoo, Dr. Amina Al Amiri’s Clinic faced a number of challenges that hindered their ability to provide quality care to the patients. The clinic’s manual processes, such as appointment scheduling, patient management, and billing, were time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, patient information was stored in multiple systems, making it difficult for healthcare professionals to access and manage information efficiently. The clinic also struggled to provide a seamless and streamlined experience for patients, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. Finally, the clinic lacked visibility into clinic operations and patient trends, making it difficult to make informed decisions.

However, after we implemented Odoo, the clinic has seen a significant improvement in their operations. Automated processes have reduced manual errors and increased efficiency, allowing the clinic to focus on providing quality care to patients. Patient information is now stored in a centralized database, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and manage information. The user-friendly interface of Odoo has improved the patient experience, making it easier for patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with the clinic. The clinic now has access to valuable insights and analytics, helping them to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations. By streamlining operations and reducing manual errors, we helped the clinic to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on providing quality care to patients.
 General Trading Service Center
General Trading Service Center Großhandel/Einzelhandel
GTSC is one of the leading wholesalers of all aromatic seeds and almonds in the Gulf, Asia and European region together with the U.S and South America. While GTSC have an office in Turkey to coordinate trade between Asia and Europe.
We can offer you access to the world's three most popular backhoes in one place! Our warehouse includes over 10,000 of references and is still developing new replacement parts. Behind us is a dozen years of experience in the sale of replacement spare parts that's why we provide technical support whenever you need it. Our traders do not only sell parts they also know what their application is, they can advise which elements should be replaced during the reparation and also what to look for when verifying the malfunction.
Sourcing selectively from world-class equipment manufacturing and maintaining consistent, premium quality. We provided the best quality Original Equipment Manufacturing, (O.E.M) aftermarket parts to be the trusted first choice of our customers.
Industry: Manufacturing

Services: Manufacturing HVAC & Refrigeration supplies

Al Junaid Industrial Group is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of HVAC and Refrigeration supplies. They were spending a long time managing the inventory and monitoring the manufacturing process.

They wanted a solution to improve their management of inventory and cut back the time spent on manual work and documentation. After implementing Odoo for them, the company is now able to…effectively track and manage its stock levels and warehouses. This has allowed them to plan their production schedule with greater efficiency. Also, they become able to monitor production and quality control, as well as generate reports in a faster and more efficient manner.

Additionally, we provided them with tools to manage their contracts, and other paper works more effectively.

Al Junaid is now witnessing the true benefits of Odoo. They can currently manage their bills and quotes faster, monitor their sales, and even improve their marketing without putting in the extra effort.
ALHOR CAMPING & HUNTING TOOLS Großhandel/Einzelhandel
Industry: Retail

Services: Retail sale for hunting gear and camping equipment.

Alhor started back in 2016 when three friends started to buy a few tints and sell them just for fun. As time passed, they grew bigger, and Alhor became one of the famous brands for hunting and camping equipment in the UAE.

Alhor was aware of the importance of implementing advanced technology to achieve success in this era. Therefore, they asked us to implement Odoo to help them managing their three branches and improve their sales.

We proposed to them creating an online shop where they could sell their products directly to customers throughout the UAE instead of limiting their business to areas near their physical shops. We also added a point of sales services to help them manage transactions and accept payments in a variety of forms and provided them with quick reports to track their work performance.

Now Alhor is growing bigger and planning to continue its story with ambitious visions for the following years.
AMASCO L.L.C. Großhandel/Einzelhandel
AMASCO LLC is well-known for its ability to perform necessary repairs and maintenance on the many ships that use the Gulf's congested shipping lanes. We implemented Odoo functionalities in order to enhance project modules, Financial processes, HRMS implementation, overall performance, and automation.
ANDS E-cigarettes and Accessories Trading LLC aims to be one of the leading vape shops in Dubai, known for its outstanding services and pocket-friendly prices.
APCO Worldwide FZ-LLC
APCO Worldwide FZ-LLC Öffentliche Verwaltung
Industry: Consultancy
Product and Services: advisory and advocacy communications consultancy

APCO Worldwide is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy helping leading public and private sector organizations be catalysts for progress.
APCO trusted Al Jawad software house to build their HR platform and their social marketing tools. Project included Payroll adaptation for many countries including Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Qatar, etc.. Also we implemented advanced workflows and customer approvals flows and onlyoffice embedded integration with the Odoo document modules so they create office files and review and edit them within Odoo.
Industry: Petro Chemicals

Services: Lubricants manufacturing and wholesale

Armor Lubricants is one of the leading lubricant manufacturers in the UAE. They provide different types of lubricants to clients in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Armor lubricants wanted to keep their work organized and have all their teams working on the same page. They had some difficulties using different software and platforms, which was obstructing their collaboration.

With the right ERP system from Odoo, Armor lubricants could achieve what they wanted. All the data was securely stored in one place accessible by all the staff. The management used amazing reporting features to get accurate data about the market and predict the status.

Additionally, as a manufacturer of oil, they used the manufacturing module to organize their production, the inventory module to track warehouses, and the purchase module to manage their
Orders from suppliers to make sure they always get the finest deals.

The factory is now running efficiently and continues to improve performance as they have everything organized properly.