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BioLife Sociedade Unipessoal Lda
BioLife Sociedade Unipessoal Lda Gesundheit/Soziales
Biolife is a clinical analysis laboratory, dedicated to of COVID-19 tests in Maputo City. After finding the need of having the COVID - 19 test results in a shorter period of time; Biolife invested sophisticated technology with a limited margin of error, to avoid inaccuracies in the test results and enable patients to start the adequate medical treatment on time. 
In order to manage their operation, Biolife opted for a software capable of managing large amounts of data, sending results to patients, presenting the information in QR codes and barcodes, etc. At the moment, they are functioning on the following modules; accountant, sales, staff management, absences, a personalized module created for the Covid - 19 tests.  Odoo was the most appropriate choice to the laboratory, as it incorporates a variety of features, offering flexible and modern software. The Covid-19 test management module is a custom module, developed from scratch by INNOVACTIVE.
Canas Engenharia S.A.
Canas Engenharia S.A. Baugewerbe
Sector de atividade: Construção e Serviços
Localização: Maputo (Moçambique)
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EKITALCI Finanzen/Versicherung
Ekitalci is a Loan Broker, specialized in the management of company debts, offering restructuring or refinancing proposals, allowing for relaxation and better liquidity management of your company, it also provides accounting services with the full range of financial management support.

Ekitalci implemented, in partnership with INNOVACTIVE, the Odoo management software for better management of its customer database, thus allowing the implementation, personalized communication and directed to the relationship with consumers, banks, dealers, to generate speed in the disbursement and improve loan and investment management.
Gigawatt Moçambique, SA
Gigawatt Moçambique, SA
Gigawatt is a Mozambican company that developed, built and operates an electric power station in Ressano Garcia, Maputo Province, powered by natural gas, with a capacity of 100MW, which supplies the south of the country.

Gigawatt, in order to better monitor its work, asked INNOVACTIVE for a capable and modern system for the company's operations. Starting with the more effective management of the maintenance of the electrical station and its equipment, improvement in the supply of accessories and parts as well as a more automated and integrated accounting.
Inox-Mecc Moçambique Lda
Inox-Mecc Moçambique Lda Energieversorgung
INOXMECC Mozambique provides a quick service for the supply, installation and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, with representation and distribution of made in Italian products.

INNOVACTIVE implemented the sales, warehouse/stock management, accounting, projects, email and marketing modules, with these modules INNOXMECC intends to have greater flexibility and communication with its customers and to be a leader in the supply of quality equipment in oil companies.
Noble Holdings, LDA
Noble Holdings, LDA Großhandel/Einzelhandel
Noble Holdings, Lda is a 100% Mozambican company, a national leader in the auto parts business and one of the main players in the motorcycle parts, tires, rims, accessories and car customization markets.

Noble Holdings felt the need to expand its network of auto parts and accessories sales and supply stores (Noble and Tyrecom), in which it requested the intervention of INNOVACTIVE to implement an integrated system where it can access its stores in real time. and carry out stock readings, control of sales flows, invoicing, purchase management and accounting consolidation of group companies.
Novos Horizontes
Novos Horizontes Landwirtschaft
Based in Mozambique, this business sells frozen chickens, day-old chicks, eggs and chicken feed, they have shops, factories and farms.

Owner, Aldalio Obra, says, “We were looking for system that we could do different point of sales in different locations, in real time. The sale entries must link directly to the accounting system, which Odoo does. The cost of the system was also a consideration. In Odoo we found one online system that was cheaper for us to use and be happy with.”

“I am satisfied with the system. In terms of performance, it is doing very well, the kind of reports it does, the time it takes to do reports is good.

“We get good support from Datasmith. We are always in touch, they are supporting our projects. We are still growing and learning together and figuring out our issues. If we have big issues, Des is always there to assist.”

“I do recommend Odoo for other businesses, if you can deploy Odoo.sh so that you can customise it more. For small businesses you can use the online Odoo, you just purchase license. But if you want control over who can deploy things, there are developments to customise the system to be more confident of its security, then use Odoo,sh,” he says.
Protecna Engenharia Projectos e Metalomecânica
Protecna Engenharia Projectos e Metalomecânica Wissenschaftlich
Protecna is a Mozambican metalworking company, which has operated for over 30 years, and is one of the country’s main references in the field. Protecna develops and implements industrial, engineering and rigorous management solutions; such as naval repairs, port platforms, gas and oil tanks and pipelines, fuel tanks and stations, mechanical parts and equipment, among others.
The company implemented the Odoo software, an integrated and dynamic platform to all departments; in order to support the entire operations, ensuring greater control, reducing administrative effort and ensuring trust in the storing relevant daily information.  
Furthermore, Odoo offers several advantages, such as customization features which can be used according to one’s or the company’s specific needs.
Protecna is currently using more than 20 Odoo modules, from sales (CRM, invoicing, subscription), to operations management (project management, purchasing, production, inventory, transport), including financial and analytical accounting, human resources and internal and external communication.
To ensure optimization of earnings from Odoo, effective customization and automated generation of accounting from other operations in the system, Protecna has the support of INNOVACTIVE.
SMPMOZ Baugewerbe
A MOZAGO pertence ao Grupo SMP – Sociedade Moçambicana de Participações, SA e é uma empresa de construção que se dedica à execução de empreitadas gerais como escritórios, agências bancárias, hotelaria, etc. Está presente no mercado desde 2012, focada em servir clientes empresariais de média e grande dimensão e realizando trabalhos de diversa escala no sector construtivo.

A escolha do Odoo por parte da Mozago veio no sentido de colmatar as necessidades de gerir os seus processos internos de gestão de vendas, finanças, website, serviços, inventário, recursos humanos e marketing, tornando-os todos integrados numa única plataforma.

A Arxi foi o parceiro selecionado pela Mozago, dada a sua vasta experiência de implementação Odoo no mercado Internacional.