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NETLINKS IT/Kommunikation
NETLINKS is a global software development and IT solutions company with presence in Afghanistan, United States, UAE and India. Trusted by over 4,000+ customers globally over the last 15+ years of its service.

We specialize in enterprise solutions and Odoo is our core expertise and product offering. We are the only company in Afghanistan to have on ground team of both technical and functional Odoo experts. Our in house developed localized Odoo modules are not only used by our customers, but our competitors as well.

Over the last 8 years, we have successfully implemented Odoo for the government (Ministry of Interior Affairs and Ministry of Defense), private sector (services, manufacturing, retail) and international organizations in Afghanistan.

We are Odoo partner in Afghanistan since 2012! Odoo is our core business!
Setara Dry Fruits
Setara Dry Fruits
Setara was created to improve Afghanistan’s dry fruits & nuts processing by helping farmers produce better crop, and then clean, sort, grade, package, and offer its products to both the Afghanistan's markets and also the international markets a series of valuable products ready for the shelves of supermarkets. We do this by employing state of the art processing machinery, trained and certified workers in a clean, and certified, professionally built processing plant in Badam Bagh Kabul Afghanistan. We are a mainly women owned business and our team in Kabul is consists of mainly female processing plant workers. Our team in Afghanistan have built solid relationships and have signed contracts and MoUs with hundreds of farmers and farmers’ associations to make sure we have sufficient inventory to satisfy our customers’ demand for fine quality Afghan Dry Fruits & Nuts. Our core business includes professionally drying fruits, carefully picked Almonds, Raisins, Walnuts, Apricots, Mulberries and Pistachios to mention a few, clean, sort/grade, and finally package them professionally using ZipLock and Pillow packaging type and processing.