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Indochina Development Partners Lao Ltd.
Indochina Development Partners Lao Ltd.
IDP, a major partner in rice value chain, is involved in all the steps of production, from varieties improvement, paddy production to rice processing and marketing.
With four Rice Mills, all situated in the southern Laos, biggest place of paddy production in the country, IDP is now number one in milling capacity.

Quality of our products is at international standards and we already export all over the world thanks to high technologies machinery use in our rice mills.
IDP is one of the biggest actor on Glutinous Rice value chain and can offer you the best quality with highly professional business facilities.

Safecoms developed a reverse manufacturing solution where you input ONE raw element (rice crop) and turn it into 19 finished products varying from animal feed, rice flour, grains, cosmetics etc…

The complexity of our development resided in the fact that reception of crops required a yield estimate which would be later verified to compensate with claim or bonuses for the farmer, a total traceability for the full production chain, and managing multiple cash systems as farmers are not equipped with bank account or computers to produce invoices.