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3Sach Food Wholesale/Retail

3Sach Food is a chain of gourmet markets with their mission to bring fresh quality food from the farm to the table of every family. It was brought to live by passionate Trang Nguyen with the intention of making better quality products accessible for more people in Vietnam. Everyone deserves to know what is in their food and be allowed to access the healthiest choice possible when it comes to nourishing themselves, their family and friends.
Redhub is a trusted media post-production and IT service company in Ho Chi Minh City since 2004. Its early years was focused on serving the digital media post-production requirements of well-known media partners and agencies. Since 2015, the company started offering website and web application developments as a formal service due to insistent requests and inquiries from some of its regular clienteles, here and abroad.

As a new partner of Odoo, Redhub Co. Ltd. aims to provide a broader range of professional services and affordable software solutions to companies within Ho Chi Minh City, nearby provinces, and throughout Vietnam as well as a few select locations overseas.

Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services
Tenzing Pacific is an insurance broker operating in several countries throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar & Philippines).