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ADV Service Limited
ADV Service Limited
The Art de Vivre Group is committed to making the concept of art of living accessible to everyone. Whether it is via the Group’s wine collection, accessible art platform or consulting company, the Art de Vivre Group endeavours to trigger emotions through experiences in various aspects of life.

AW Laboratories
AW Laboratories
AW Laboratories is part of the ETS Group, which implements the developments and concepts in production. With modern machines for prototypes and series production as well as a network of engineers and partners, we manufacture your product to the highest quality standards.

We guarantee the security of your ideas according to German standards, tools are stored under lock and key under our supervision.

Our laboratory carries out series monitoring, material testing and product testing for you. Desired certifications are extensively and cost-effectively prepared and worked out with the certification authorities.
Paul Lafayet
Paul Lafayet
Paul Lafayet is a French retail chain located in Hong Kong and specialized in Macaron and Patisserie
Worldwide Capital Resources Limited
Worldwide Capital Resources Limited
We are Worldwide, one of the largest globally diversified natural resource company.
Founded in the 2012 as a trading company, we have grown to become a major producer and marketer of commodities.

Our most valuable assets are our network of relationships with our producers and consumer customers and our people who provide
value-added services to our customers and clients.

Our objective is to build long term value for our shareholders, our partners, our customers and our people, with sustainable focused
franchises built upon long term supplier and customer relationships.

Our operations comprise are metallurgical sites, oil production assets, plastics, chemicals and agricultural facilities. Using our sector
knowledge and global supply base, we source and market commodities to industrial consumers who need them - such as steel-makers,
vehicle manufacturers, power companies and processors of plastics, chemicals, oil and food. In this way, we produce and market resources
that play an essential role in modern life.

People are at the heart of our business. That’s why we prioritise safety at all our assets; why we seek to minimize our impacts on the
environment and communities; and why we aim to attract employees who strive to be leaders in their field.