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ADV Service Limited
ADV Service Limited
The Art de Vivre Group is committed to making the concept of art of living accessible to everyone. Whether it is via the Group’s wine collection, accessible art platform or consulting company, the Art de Vivre Group endeavours to trigger emotions through experiences in various aspects of life.
API Lab Testing Ltd
API Lab Testing Ltd Diğer Hizmetler
With 5 laboratories operating in Asia as well as Europe, API provides a comprehensive range of household goods lab testing solutions.

Needs : LIMS, sales, accounting, portal, equipments; warehouse

On Odoo since 2017
Anglo East Surety Limited
Anglo East Surety Limited Diğer Hizmetler
Anglo East has been a well-establish pioneering thought leader providing ONE-STOP protection solutions for INSURANCE, SECURITY, LOGISTICS and SAFES to our valued customers for over 30 years with the highest-quality customer satisfaction and professional expertise.
Asia Manufacture Supply Limited
Asia Manufacture Supply Limited Üretim
AMS was founded in 1998 as a result of more than 15 years of experience in ASIA we thought market need to redefine supply chain management with a more dynamic and flexible strategic procurement processes, innovative & technology.
Charming Printing Limited
Charming Printing Limited
CHARMING provides trim, packaging and RFID technology solutions tailored to your brand’s unique needs. With CHARMING, you can trust that your brand story will be delivered with premium and innovative products that extend your message and improve your supply chain.